Perkins School of Youth Ministry 2017

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If you are in your first few years of youth ministry, or have been working with youth for years but want to refresh your ministry by getting back to the basics, this is definitely the class for you. This class, which meets across each of the daily periods, can provide you with invaluable tips and tools for your ministry, exploring the theory and practice of an effective youth ministry.
Note: Persons enrolling in Foundations should not enroll in any other workshops. The course meets each period each day.

Teachers: Dara Bell, Rod Hocott, Erin Jackson, Walt Marcum

Foundations Teacher Bios 

Senior Ministers Are from Mars, Youth Ministers Are from Pluto 
Teacher: Rev. John Baldwin
This seminar is for senior pastors who seek to enhance their relationship with their youth pastor to enable effective youth ministry. While there will be no magic incantations or quick-fix programs offered (indeed there aren't any); an ordained elder who has served in youth ministry for more than two decades will offer observations and wisdom to help senior church leaders better understand the world and mind of today's youth and youth workers. Although, this is a class designed for senior ministers, youth workers are welcome to join us, no tie required. 

For youth directors who have been in ministry for two or more years. Participants will choose from a list of classes for periods 1, 2, and 3. You will attend the same three classes all week.

During class period 4, one-day workshops are offered on a variety of topics. 

Periods 1, 2, 3 and 4 offerings   


New Bible Study Format

Want to dig into the Bible together with your friends and colleagues?

On Tuesday through Thursday of Perkins School of Youth Ministry (PSYM) small groups will meet at various times and locations in and near our conference host church and hotel to explore new themes and explode old assumptions about Bible study. Time and locations will be announced and made available on Monday afternoon. You will have opportunity when registering for PSYM to select if you would like to attend a morning, afternoon or evening Bible study.