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New Youth Workers


Foundation: the basis or groundwork of something.  The Foundations class (offered during all four periods each day) is an attempt to cover foundational material for youth ministry.  It strives to touch on things that are important for a youth minister to know in order to be effective in ministry.

This class covers:
•  Basics of Youth Ministry (How do I put together my ministry?)
•  Management (How to avoid getting fired!)
•  Volunteers (How to find and keep them!)
•  Safety (Your top priority is to keep your youth safe)
•  Relationships (with parents, youth, etc.)
•  Adolescence (Why do 7th grade boys act that way?)
•  Youth Programming (What do I do with my youth for UMYF?)
•  Youth Leadership (Learning to empower your youth)
•  United Methodist Overview (Who was John Wesley?)
•  Large & Small Youth Groups (Size matters)
•  Sunday School (Do we need donuts every week?!)
•  Confirmation (What does it mean? How do I do it?)
•  Resources (What book should I read next?)
•  Pastoral Care (How to learn to listen)
•  Staff Relationships (Make sure the secretary loves you!)
•  Self Care (How to last in ministry)
•  Discipling (Teaching them to pray?)
•  Trips and Retreats How many adults do I need?)
•  Missions (Why do we pay to work for other people?)
•  Group Building (I need more games!)

Why should you take this class?
First, you have the opportunity to learn from Walt Marcum, who has written more books on youth ministry than most of us have read!  And between them, the four teachers of this class have over 115 years of experience working with youth!  They have been in very small churches to megachurches and everything in between.  They have experience at the Conference and Jurisdictional level in The United Methodist Church.  And they love to teach, to have a chance to share some of what they know with others.  But most importantly, they love youth and they want your youth to have the best youth group ever!