Perkins School of Youth Ministry

New Youth Ministry Workers


The Foundations class offers new youth ministry workers or volunteers an extensive course on foundational material for youth ministry. It focuses on important topics that are essential for leaders in youth ministry. This course is offered during all four periods each day. The course is taught over a two-year period (meaning participants will attend PSYM Foundations two years in a row). While the course material is different each of the two years, the class is designed so that a participant can begin the Foundations course any time. In addition to the two years of hands on teaching, Foundations participants will also be mentored by experienced, veteran youth workers in the year between their course work to give extra support as they learn to practically apply the Foundations material to their own local church ministry.

This class will cover:
•  Basics of Youth Ministry (How do I put together a youth ministry?) 
•  Management (Working collaboratively with ministry staff) 
•  Volunteers (How to find, train and keep them!) 
•  Safety (Creating a safe space for youth) 
•  Relationships (with parents, youth, volunteers, etc.) 
•  Adolescence (understanding youth) 
•  Youth Programming (What do I do with my youth for UMYF?) 
•  Youth Leadership (nurturing young leaders) 
•  United Methodist Overview (Who was John Wesley?) 
•  Large & Small Youth Groups (Size matters) 
•  Sunday School (Do we need donuts every week?!) 
•  Confirmation (What does it mean? How do I do it?) 
•  Resources (Where, what and how?) 
•  Pastoral Care (The ministry of presence) 
•  Staff Relationships (healthy working relationships matter) 
•  Self-Care (Striking a balance) 
•  Discipleship (Reflecting the image of Christ) 
•  Trips and Retreats (Plan, plan, execute) 
•  Missions (What does it really mean?) 
•  Group Building (Games, fellowship and fun!)