Pre-Class Assignments

Pre-class Assignments

Each course requires significant reading and writing prior to the start of classes. You will be able to view the pre-class assignments for each class you are taking by clicking on the course titles below. You can also view the books assigned for the course and other class information. 

Pre-class work for courses 121-124 must be submitted to the respective instructors at the first class meeting. Students taking courses 121-124 who are unable to submit pre-class work on the first day of classes should contact the Course of Study School office to cancel course(s) (please review cancella­tion policy).

Pre-class work for students taking courses 221-524 must be sent to the instructors email address* and a copy to the email address on or before June 10, 2015. Pre-class work submitted on June 11 or thereafter is subject to grading penalties as outlined in the Late Pre-class work and Assignment section.

For pre-class writing instructions, see Form C. Only one Form C is required per class. In addi­tion, students should include an autobiography for each instructor.

*Submitting Pre-Class Assignments

New Curriculum description of courses and objectives

Basic Five Year Curriculum

Cover Sheet for Pre-Class Assignments- Form C

First-Year Pre-Class Assignments

 Second-Year Pre-Class Assignments

Third-Year Pre-Class Assignments

Fourth-Year Pre-Class Assignments

Fifth-Year Pre-Class Assignments