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Core Courses

Certification in Spiritual Direction

Year One
  • Theology and Models of Spiritual Direction
     A historical and systematic study of the theological and biblical assumptions that shape the practice of spiritual direction, including assumptions about the will of God, the task of discernment, the nature of prayer, and the purposes of direction itself. Special practicum for United Methodist students, examining the Wesleyan roots of spiritual direction.
  • Introduction to Spiritual Direction
    An introduction to the essentials of spiritual direction, including the purpose of spiritual direction, the role of the spiritual director, and its place in spiritual practice and growth.
  • Holy Listening
    A study of the place of prayerful listening in discerning the presence of God in events, relationships, and the rhythm of life.
Year Two
  • Direction and the Role of Spiritual Disciplines
    A study of spiritual disciplines, the theology that informs them, and their place in the life and work of the spiritual director.
  • Spiritual Direction, Pastoral Care, and Therapy
    A study of the governing assumptions behind and the differences between spiritual direction, pastoral care, and therapy, including practical guidance for the spiritual director in distinguishing between them and in making optimal use of the professionals who practice each discipline.
  • Spiritual Direction Practicum
    An experiential introduction to spiritual direction under supervision, focusing on practice, theology, and the synthesis of both. Attention is also given to the dynamics of group spiritual direction.

All courses are required and are taken in sequence for the Certification in Spiritual Direction (C.S.D.).