Master of Sacred Music (M.S.M.)

MTS Concentration in Church Music and Worship

Rationale: The purpose of this degree would be to offer basic theological, liturgical and church music education to persons who have already completed graduate work in some area of music and are seeking a vocation in church music in the parish (perhaps as an ordained Deacon in the United Methodist context) or are preparing for graduate study at the doctoral level in church music.

Prerequisite: MM, MME or equivalent degree. (Those with a B.M., B.M.E., or equivalent degree need to pursue the M.S.M. because of the basic graduate courses that are offered in Meadows School of the Arts.)

Curriculum Outline:

24 hours in Basic Ministerial Studies (allowing for some variations according to denominational background, professional goals, and previous coursework).

24 hours in Church Music and Worship


3 hours: CM 8330 Church Music Colloquium I

3 hours: CM 8331 Church Music Colloquium II

3 hours: CM 8332 Church Music Colloquium III

3 hours: WO 83XX Elective Course in Worship (WO 6313 Word and Worship would be taken first under Basic Ministerial Studies)

Elective hours:

6 hours: Elective music courses in Meadows School of the arts that relate to the professional goals of church music ministry (chosen in consultation with the advisor).

6 hours: Electives in church music and worship (to be selected from the list below):

CM 8108 Cantoring in Worship

CM 8107 The Youth Choir and the Church

CM 8106 Handbells and Worship

CM 8102, 8103, 8104 Introduction in Conducting

CM 8024, 8124 Music ministry with Children

CM 8399 Directed Studies in Church Music

WO 83XX Additional Elective in Worship

Additional courses appear in the curriculum, though not in the current catalogue:

CM 7005 The Hymn: Word and Music

CM 7316 Music and the Arts in the Church

CM 8210, 8310 Hispanic American Hymnody

CM 8250, 8350 Music Ministry in the Black Church Experience