Perkins Intern Program

Full-Time or Concurrent?

Perkins School of Theology

Perkins Master of Divinity candidates may choose to do either a full-time or a concurrent (part-time with classes) internship to fulfill the internship course requirement. The two models earn the same number of academic credits (12 credits – six per term). All Master of Arts in Ministry internships are concurrent and earn six credits – three per term. All internships are nine months long (over the fall and spring terms of one academic year).

The full-time Master of Divinity internship is the original model pioneered by Perkins in 1972 and the model chosen by most Perkins students today. The full-time intern enrolls only for the internship course and does full-time ministry, gaining wide-ranging hands-on experience under supervision while systematically reflecting theologically on that experience. The Intern Faculty is responsible for placing full-time interns in an appropriate learning situation. No other employment or classwork is permitted during a full-time internship. All full-time interns receive a minimum stipend.

The concurrent Master of Divinity internship is designed for students who already hold a part-time position on a church staff or in a student pastorate and who wish to use that setting for their internship while continuing a limited amount of course work. Concurrent M.Div. interns work a minimum of 25 hours a week at the internship site while taking at least three and no more than six academic credit hours each semester in addition to the six credit hours for internship. Students should already be performing remunerated work in an appropriate position or have a firm promise of a specific job or appointment before applying for a concurrent internship. The Intern Faculty must approve the internship site and supervision.

The concurrent Master of Arts in Ministry internship provides students the opportunity to work under supervision in the specialized area of their degree track. The Intern Faculty places students in a church-related agency or on a church staff where they work a minimum of 20 hours a week while continuing to take classes at Perkins.

Students whose professional goal is chaplaincy may choose to fulfill the internship requirement by taking a full-time yearlong residency in Clinical Pastoral Education at an ACPE-accredited site.