Perkins Intern Program

Intern Program Handbooks

The Perkins Internship course is designed to guide students doing ministry in a supervised setting to reflect theologically on their experiences, the contexts of those experiences, and their own leadership, even while they are learning and practicing essential ministry skills.  Several handbooks lay out the process, requirements, and tools of the Internship course, not only for the intern but also for the mentor pastor and the lay teaching committee.

The Intern Placement Process, designed for prospective interns, gives a broad overview of the Perkins Internship, provides some practical details, and describes how the Intern faculty works with the students to find a good site for learning and appropriate internship supervision.

The Intern Handbook provides information for current interns and their mentor pastors and on-site supervisors about the requirements and evaluation process for the internship course.

Each intern meets regularly with a Lay Teaching Committee at the internship site to receive constructive feedback.  The Lay Teaching Committee Handbook guides the committee in observing the intern's ministry activities, giving constructive feedback and support, and evaluating the intern's learning during the internship.

Every form mentioned in these handbooks is available on this website.