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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of Student Body Officers and Student Senate Officers and oversees the administration of Student Senate.

2014-2015 Student Body Officers

 Ramon Trespalacios

Student Body President
Ramon Trespalacios

Classification: Graduate
Hometown: Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
Major(s): Masters of Science in Business Analytics

Personal Goals:

  1. To better the student experience at SMU by being accessible to students, communicating with the administration, and motivating senators.

 Monica Finnegan Student Body Vice-President
Monica Finnegan

Classification: Senior
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Major(s): Accounting and Communication Studies

Personal Goals:

  1. To push for more community space. 
  2. To find better parking solutions.
  3. To improve communication between the students and administration. 
  4. To see Senate be more accessible to the students by improving communication between senators and their constituents and with their liaison organizations. 
  5. To work with Membership Chair to improve Senate retention. 
 Anna Norkett Student Body Secretary
Anna Norkett

Classification: Junior
Hometown: Flower Mound, TX
Major(s): Economics and Public Policy

Personal Goals: 

  1. To increase awareness and accessibility of Student Senate so SMU students know how they can take advantage of everything Student Senate has to offer.
  2. To increase the efficiency of the Student Senate chamber so that we can better serve the SMU community. 


 Ian Phillips Graduate Affairs Officer
Ian Phillips
Classification: 4E Law Student
Hometown: Tyler, Texas
Major(s): Law

Personal Goals:

  1. To increase graduate student involvement in the Student Senate and on-campus. There are a lot of opportunities for graduate students to get involved and make the campus better as a whole. I intend to raise awareness about these opportunities and encourage graduate students to play a bigger role in the SMU community.

2014-2015 Student Senate Officers

Student Senate Speaker
Elliott Bouillion

Classification: Junior
Hometown: Houston, TX
Major(s): Finance and Economics

Personal Goals:

  1. To improve the University Curriculum.
  2. To work on Residence Life in the Residential Commons. 
  3. To get a water fountain on the outdoor track.

Student Senate Parliamentarian
Christopher Cornell

Classification: 4E Law
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Major(s): International, Constitutional, and Energy Law

Personal Goals:

Chase Harker
Student Senate Chief-of-Staff
Chase Harker

Classification: Junior
Hometown: Prosper, TX
Major(s): Engineering Management and Information Systems

Personal Goals: 

  1. To streamline and increase the efficiency of the Finance, Organizations, and Scholarship committees.
  2. To inspire innovation and creativity within the Student Concerns, Diversity, and Communication committees.
  3. To increase the growth and impact of the Endowment and Investments committees.
  4. To work with the Membership Committee in recruiting the next generation of leaders at SMU.
  5. To work with the Executive Committee in enabling Senators to spearhead impactful projects to develop a network of leaders at SMU. 

Student Senate Comptroller
Allen YU

Classification: Junior
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Major(s): International Studies

Personal Goals: 

  1. To make the Comptroller’s office more efficient and a more enjoyable experience for the students faculty who come through us. We’re the Students’ Association Comptroller’s Office and we’re here to help you!