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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of Student Body Officers and Student Senate Officers and oversees the administration of Student Senate.

2015-2016 Student Body Officers


Student Body President
Carlton Adams

Classification: Senior
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Personal Goals:
  Student Body Vice-President
Connor Volz

Classification: Senior
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Major(s): Finance and Music
Personal Goals:

  • Revamp and optimize the Liaison process.
  • Work in congruency with our Committees and its members to optimize not only their goals but also that of the whole chamber.
  • Be an accountable and reliable servant to all senators, chairs, and general members; aiding them in writing legislation or getting in front of the right administration to help the change they want. 
  Student Body Secretary
James Jang

Classification: Junior
Hometown: Lewisville
Major(s): Communication studies and Psychology

Personal Goals: 

  •  Increase transparency and communication with what is going on in the chamber with the student body by sending out a campus wide monthly email summarizing what we’ve done that month. 
  •  Collaborate with other universities to bring change of a larger scale 
  •  Address student concerns, and build relationships with the administration to bring change to SMU together. 
  •  Reform the senator office hours policy to make the senators more readily available to listening to the student body.


  Graduate Affairs Officer
Sarah-Michelle Steams
Classification: Graduate
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Major(s): M.A Economics, J.D

Personal Goals:

  • Increase collaboration across graduate schools
  • Get free athletic tickets for “part-time” students
  • Initiatives to increase diversity on campus

2014-2015 Student Senate Officers

Student Senate Speaker
Vivian Frederick

Classification: Sophomore
Hometown: Plano, TX
Major(s): Accounting
Personal Goals:

This year as Senate Speaker, I hope to run the chamber as smoothly and efficiently as possible. I want to keep debates fair and equal, encourage people to voice their opinions in the chamber, and collaborate frequently with the Parliamentarian so that we will have a cohesive partnership. As the leader of Speaker’s Podium in Senate, I also hope to reach out to SMU celebrities on campus such as the leaders of the various departments, SMU administration, and officers of various organizations so that they can frequently attend Senate meetings and give the chamber an update on what’s going on at SMU. I want the Students in Senate to be able to raise awareness of the changes proposed by the groups and give feedback to help better the student experience. Overall, I plan to bring students and senators’ questions, comments, and concerns to Executive Committee meetings and address them so that I can represent my constituents to the best of my ability.

Student Senate Parliamentarian
Colleen McKenzie

Classification: Senior
Hometown: Austin, TX
Major(s): Finance and Public Policy

Personal Goals:

This year I look forward to focusing to improve SMU students’ on campus experience in the Year of the Student. I will also be working to ensure new senators transition more seamlessly into their role and to promote efficiency in the chamber. As Parliamentarian, I hope visitors to the Student Senate meetings will better understand how Student Senate works. I encourage everyone in the SMU community to attend chamber on Tuesdays beginning at 3:30 p.m. 


Student Senate Chief-of-Staff
Emily Dombrowski

Classification: Senior
Hometown: Flower Mound, TX
Major(s): History
Personal Goals: 

  • Continued development and collaboration between Committees
  • Improve General member and Senator Vacancy recruitment
  • Continued work on the New Student Center Task Force
  • Better communication of what Senate has done/is up to!

Student Senate Comptroller
Allen YU

Classification: Senior
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Major(s): International Studies

Personal Goals: 

  • To make the Comptroller’s office more efficient and a more enjoyable experience for the students faculty who come through us. We’re the Students’ Association Comptroller’s Office and we’re here to help you!