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Committee Chairs

Membership Committee Chair

  Spencer Reppond

Classification: Sophomore
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Major(s): Film, Finance

Personal Goals: 

  1. To help students become involved in Senate and take ownership of their collegiate experience. 
  2. To facilitate a fair and equitable election process. 
  3. To bring together a coherent student body that collectively seeks to better the SMU community. 

Communications Committee Chair

  Madeleine Herskind

Classification: Junior

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Major(s): Advertising w/ minor in graphic design
Personal Goals: 

I would like to use the Communications Committee to increase Senate visibility – I want the SMU student body to feel like they know what’s going on in Senate, and what their resources are to gain this information. I would also like to increase likes and followers on all social media channels by reaching out to pockets of the student body that we have not yet tapped into. I hope all Senators feel they can participate in this endeavor by reaching out to me with any ideas they may have for accomplishing these goals. 

Organizations Committee Chair

  Blake Rainey

Classification: Junior
Hometown: Mansfield, TX
Major(s): Management and Management Science

Personal Goals: 

  • To increase the efficiency of the chartering process
  • To improve communication with student organizations about the benefits of being chartered
  • To recruit more members to the Organizations Committee
  • To work with Senators and sponsor legislation to resolve issues and improve the quality of our prestigious University

Endowment Committee Chair

  Timothy Hettinger

Classification: Senior
Hometown: Mendham, NJ
Major(s): Economics with Financial Applications and History 

Personal Statement: 

My personal goals for Senate this year are to continue providing more scholarship money to fewer recipients in an effort to make the Student Senate Scholarships more valuable and to push the Student to Student Giving Initiative into the student body.

Finance Committee Chair

  Tracy Nelson
Classification: Senior
Hometown: Winterpark, FL
Major(s): Political Science, Economics, and Public Policy
Minors: International Studies, Statistics

Personal Goals: 
  • Improve communications between Senate Finance and student organizations in order to help organizations better understand and access the funding process
  • Revise funding standards to help allocate funding more fairly
  • Work to improve the sustainability of student funds

Student Concerns Committee Chair

  Alexandra Douglass

Classification: Junior 
Hometown: San Fransisco, CA
Major(s): Communications and Public Relations

Minors: Law and Legal Reasoning & Statistics

Personal Statement: 

The Student Concerns Committee looks forward to fostering the relationships made with key members of SMU’s administration in order to advance our goals of improving SMU Dining, Parking, and over-all school camaraderie. 

Diversity Committee Chair

  Gabrielle Faulkner

Classification: Sophomore
Hometown: Dallas, TX

Personal Statement: 

I am excited to do the work. In Senate, my goal is to act as an advocate for my peers. Thinking of the various backgrounds, cultures, and experiences of my peers I hope to influence legislation and policy with them in mind. As Diversity Chair, my goals are simple. In the “Year of the Student”, I want to empower students to tell their stories and to use their voices. As young new minds we are change and change will happen through us once we began to use our voices. Make some noise and let them hear us roar. 

Scholarship Committee Chair


Trevor Thomas

Classification: Junior
Hometown: Plano, TX
Major(s): Finance

Personal Goals: 

  • I want to be able provide scholarships to those students who do a lot for the school behind the scenes.
  • I want to implement a Summer Scholarship program.
  • Increase Greek and non-Greek affiliation.

Investments Committee Chair


Jack Shawkey


Personal Goals: