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Student Senate


Legislation Approved & Passed by the SMU Student Senate

102nd Student Senate

S-102-1 Bylaws Public Information File Resolution


S-102-3 Solar Capacity

S-102-4 Centennial Resolution

S-102-5 Senate Dedman Recreation Legislation

S-102-6 Ad Hoc Committee resolution

S-102-7 Diversity Resolution

S-102-8 Senate Perkins Lighting Legislation

S-102-9 Lyle Water Bottle Filling Station

S-102-10 Senate Logo Legislation Piece

S-102-11 A Resolution to Amend the Student Body Constitution , the SMU Student Senate By-Laws, and the Student Senate Policies and Procedures, for the Creation of Internal and External Vice Presidents

S-102-12 Dr. Barry Resolution

S-102-13 Legislation Legislation

S-102-14 Add Drop Legislation 2016

101st Student Senate

S-101-1 Legislative Numbering Resolution

S-101-2 A Resolution on Outdoor Lighting

S-101-3 A Resolution Honoring the Services of Robert Watling

S-101-4 A Resolution on Dedman Center Operating Hours

S-101-5 A Resolution of Changes in Operational Hours at RFOC at the Humphrey Lee Center

S-101-6 A Resolution on Making Restroom Stalls in Hughes-Trigg Wheel Chair Accessible 

S-101-7 A Resolution for Technological Changes Directly Affecting the SMU Student Body

S-101-8 A Resolution on Lighting in the Commuter Lot 

S-101-9 A Resolution to Increase the Student Activity Fee to Provide for the Renovation or Replacement of the Student Center and to Provide Funds for Future Student Center Maintenance 

S-101-10 A Resolution Establishing a Student Governing Board Committee

S-101-11 A Resolution to Amend the Southern Methodist University Student Senate By-laws and the Southern Methodist University Student Body Constitution to Provide for Clarity and Remove Ambiguities Between the Two Documents

S-101-12 A Resolution Supporting the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act 

S-101-13 A Resolution Calling on The Office of Facilities Planning and Management to Make Pedestrian Malls and Sidewalks Safe for Pedestrians by (1) Revising the SMU Pedestrian Usage Map Protocols (2) Providing Clear Signage and Information for Drivers, and (3) Ensuring these Protocols are Enforced 

S-101-14 A Resolution Calling on the Department of Student Affairs to Lower Tuition Rates for Children of SMU Students at the SMU Child Care and Preschool Center 

S-101-15 A Resolution on Updating the Absence From Class Form 

S-101-16 A Resolution on Giddy Up Operational Transparency 

S-101-17 A Resolution on Increasing Bike Parking Surrounding the New Residential Commons and Fondren Library

100th Student Senate

Fall 2013












Spring 2014

S-13-03-07 Requiring Professors to Post Student Grades on Blackboard by Mid-Semester

99th Student Senate

Spring 2012

S-13-02-04 Addressing SMU Rides

S-13-03-07 Requiring Professors to Post Student Grades on Blackboard by Mid-Semester

S-13-03-08 To Amend the Southern Methodist University Student Senate By-laws and Urging the Opening of a Dialogue with the Administration on the Portion of Student Fees Granted to the Student Senate

S-13-03-10 Regarding Recycling During Boulevarding

S-13-03-11 Establishing a Campus-wide Reusable Mug Program

S-13-04-14 Encouraging Faculty to Cancel, or Make Optional, Classes On April 25, 2013

Fall 2012

F-12-10-19 Establishing the Centennial Committee

F-12-10-18 Regarding Diversity Training for Incoming Students

F-12-10-14 Creating a Rechartering Process

F-12-10-10 Pertaining To the Institutionalized Ad Hoc Committees

F-12-10-15 Regarding the Boulevard

F-12-09-11 Concerning Email Notifications for Parking Tickets from Park 'N Pony

F-12-09-06 Regarding Discrimination on Campus

F-12-09-05 Requesting Exam Times To Match Class Time

F-12-09-04 for Interviews to Be Added to SMU's "Explanatory Statement for Absence from Class"

F-12-09-03 Regarding the Reinstatement of an On-Campus Reserve Officers' Training Corps Program At SMU

F-12-08-02 Honoring Dr. Geoffrey C. Orsak

F-12-08-01 Commending our Olympic Mustangs

98th Student Senate

Spring 2012

S-12-04-32 Changing the title of the Dedman I Senator Position

S-12-04-31 Addition of a Spirit Shop to the Hughes-Trigg Student Center 

Fall 2011

F-11-11-10 Urging the Cessation of Graduation and Diploma Fees

F-11-10-08 Concerning Recycling on the Boulevard

F-11-10-07 Encouraging the Creation of More Outdoor Study Facilities

F-11-10-06 Regarding the Scheduling of Campus Lawn Care

F-11-09-05 Encouraging the Placement of Educational Posters Above All Public Indoor Recycling Bins

F-11-09-04 Electronic Voting

F-11-08-02 Honoring the services of Fred & Judith Banes

F-11-08-01 Honoring the services of Clarence "Shorty" Perkins & Alphonso "Buck" Buchanan

97th Student Senate

Spring 2011

S-11-04-22 Enactment of the Department of Emergency Medical Services

S-11-04-21 Concerning the Pollock Gallery and the Display of Student Art

S-11-04-20 Implementing the MustangShare System

S-11-03-16 Use of Campus Grounds Form for Student Organizations

S-11-03-15 Declaring the Importance of the Texas Equalization Grant to the SMU Community

S-11-02-15 Establishing the Endowment Committee

S-11-02-13 Codifying the Affiliate Program and Senatorial Responsibilities

Fall 2010

F-10-11-10 Amending the Senate Policies and Procedures 

F-10-11-09 Park n' Pony to Cease Ticketing in Select Locations

F-10-11-08 Parking Attendants wearing Red and Blue shirts

F-10-11-07 Mustang Express Service Extension

F-10-10-07(a) Regarding the Senate Scholars

F-10-10-06 Addressing Laptop Usage in Class

F-10-10-05 Strengthening Office of Financial Aid

F-10-09-03 Addressing Academic Tutoring On Campus 

F-10-09-02 Addressing Fall and Spring Reading Days 

96th Student Senate

Spring 2010

S-10-04-02 Requesting an Overhaul of the Audio System in Ford Stadium

S-10-03-05 Amending the Absence Policy

S-10-03-03 Requesting the Discontinuation of Student Charges for use of McFarlin Auditorium

S-03-02-10 Honoring Rachel Carey and Nicola Muchnikoff

S-03-01-10 Amending the Student Senate By-Laws

S-02-22-10 Amending the Student Body Constitution

S-10-02-21 Addressing Communication Between Faculty and Students regarding Textbooks

S-10-02-20 Honoring Mrs. Deborah Michel

S-10-01-19 Congratulating the 2009 Football Team 

S-10-01-18 Seeking the Addition of Pedestrian Crosswalks along Dyer Street and Ownby Drive

Fall 2009

F-09-10-16 Unspent funding in Student Senate budget is added to Senate Scholarship fund at years end

F-09-10-15 Mandating the Office of Student Life create an Internal Affairs Board

F-09-10-13 Encourage updating of Dallas Hall quad irrigation

F-09-10-12 Changing "Engineering Senator" to "Lyle Senator"

F-09-10-10 Activating Research and Recommendation Committees

F-09-10-9 Privacy in Fraternity Houses

F-09-10-8 Recommending IFC make all Fraternity House Residents be TIPS and Mustangs Who Care trained

F-09-10-7 Standards for professor participation in Blackboard online course resources

F-09-10-6 A resolution regarding the gift of mustangs to the university and the future of Peruna as our mascot

F-09-10-2 Welcoming Chaplain

95th Student Senate

Spring 2009

S 09 02 13 Official Diplomas at Graduation

S 09 02 12 Reading Days

S 09 02 11 SMU Student Senate By-Laws Revision

S 09 02 10 SMU Student Senate Rules of Order Amendment

S 09 01 09 Climate Commitment

Fall 2008

F 08 12 08 Honoring Dr. Dee Siscoe

F 08 11 07 Environmentally Friendly Boulevard

F 08 11 06 London School of Economics

F 08 11 05 Health Insurance Policy

F 08 11 04 Visitor Information Center

F 08 11 03 Parking

F 08 11 02 Health Insurance Policy

Summer 2008

SE 08-05-01 IFC

SE 08-05-02 Sigma Lamda Gamma

SE 08-05-03 Student Filmmakers Association

94th Student Senate

Spring 2008

S-08-04-31 Membership Legislation

S-08-04-24 Extended Hours for Meadows

S-08-04-19 Friday Classes

S-08-04-18 Drop Policy Bill

S-08-04-15 Crosswalk

S-08-02-14 On-Campus Pub

S-08-02-13 Giddy-Up

Fall 2007

F-07-11-12 Good Samaritan Policy

F-07-11-11 Medical Amnesty

F-07-11-10 Faculty Senate-Student Senate Acting Committee

F-07-11-09 Multicultural Coordinator to Special Interest Interview

F-07-11-08 Rules Tribunal

F-07-11-07 R&R

F-07-11-06 Complaints

F-07-11-05 Fall Break

F-07-11-03 Centennial Campaign

F-07-09-02 By Laws

F-07-08-01 Election Code Revisions

93rd Student Senate

Spring 2007

S-07-01-01 George W. Bush Library

S-07-01-02 R&R By Law Changes

Fall 2006

F-06-08-01 Creating Constitutional Convention

F-06-08-02 Dissolving Academic Committee

F-06-09-03 Student Outreach

F-06-09-04 Senatorial Forum

F-06-09-05 Administration fund health care and non academic offices

F-06-09-06 Finance Committee General Members

F-06-09-07 Student Organization Outreach Initiative

F-06-09-08 Senatorial Forum

F-06-09-09 Finance Membership

F-06-09-10 Resolution to Amend Article IX

F-06-09-11 Finance Senate Chambers

F-06-10-12 Kathleen Mitchell