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Student Senate

Legislation Approved & Passed by the SMU Student Senate

101st Student Senate

S-101-1 Legislative Numbering Resolution

S-101-2 A Resolution on Outdoor Lighting

S-101-3 A Resolution Honoring the Services of Robert Watling

S-101-4 A Resolution on Dedman Center Operating Hours

S-101-5 A Resolution of Changes in Operational Hours at RFOC at the Humphrey Lee Center

S-101-7 A Resolution for Technological Changes Directly Affecting the SMU Student Body

S-101-10 A Resolution Establishing a Student Governing Board Committee

S-101-11 A Resolution to Amend the Southern Methodist University Student Senate By-laws and the Southern Methodist University Student Body Constitution to Provide for Clarity and Remove Ambiguities Between the Two Documents

100th Student Senate

Fall 2013












Spring 2014

S-13-03-07 Requiring Professors to Post Student Grades on Blackboard by Mid-Semester

99th Student Senate

Spring 2012

S-13-02-04 Addressing SMU Rides

S-13-03-07 Requiring Professors to Post Student Grades on Blackboard by Mid-Semester

S-13-03-08 To Amend the Southern Methodist University Student Senate By-laws and Urging the Opening of a Dialogue with the Administration on the Portion of Student Fees Granted to the Student Senate

S-13-03-10 Regarding Recycling During Boulevarding

S-13-03-11 Establishing a Campus-wide Reusable Mug Program

S-13-04-14 Encouraging Faculty to Cancel, or Make Optional, Classes On April 25, 2013

Fall 2012

F-12-10-19 Establishing the Centennial Committee

F-12-10-18 Regarding Diversity Training for Incoming Students

F-12-10-14 Creating a Rechartering Process

F-12-10-10 Pertaining To the Institutionalized Ad Hoc Committees

F-12-10-15 Regarding the Boulevard

F-12-09-11 Concerning Email Notifications for Parking Tickets from Park 'N Pony

F-12-09-06 Regarding Discrimination on Campus

F-12-09-05 Requesting Exam Times To Match Class Time

F-12-09-04 for Interviews to Be Added to SMU's "Explanatory Statement for Absence from Class"

F-12-09-03 Regarding the Reinstatement of an On-Campus Reserve Officers' Training Corps Program At SMU

F-12-08-02 Honoring Dr. Geoffrey C. Orsak

F-12-08-01 Commending our Olympic Mustangs

98th Student Senate

Spring 2012

S-12-04-32 Changing the title of the Dedman I Senator Position

S-12-04-31 Addition of a Spirit Shop to the Hughes-Trigg Student Center 

Fall 2011

F-11-11-10 Urging the Cessation of Graduation and Diploma Fees

F-11-10-08 Concerning Recycling on the Boulevard

F-11-10-07 Encouraging the Creation of More Outdoor Study Facilities

F-11-10-06 Regarding the Scheduling of Campus Lawn Care

F-11-09-05 Encouraging the Placement of Educational Posters Above All Public Indoor Recycling Bins

F-11-09-04 Electronic Voting

F-11-08-02 Honoring the services of Fred & Judith Banes

F-11-08-01 Honoring the services of Clarence "Shorty" Perkins & Alphonso "Buck" Buchanan

97th Student Senate

Spring 2011

S-11-04-22 Enactment of the Department of Emergency Medical Services

S-11-04-21 Concerning the Pollock Gallery and the Display of Student Art

S-11-04-20 Implementing the MustangShare System

S-11-03-16 Use of Campus Grounds Form for Student Organizations

S-11-03-15 Declaring the Importance of the Texas Equalization Grant to the SMU Community

S-11-02-15 Establishing the Endowment Committee

S-11-02-13 Codifying the Affiliate Program and Senatorial Responsibilities

Fall 2010

F-10-11-10 Amending the Senate Policies and Procedures 

F-10-11-09 Park n' Pony to Cease Ticketing in Select Locations

F-10-11-08 Parking Attendants wearing Red and Blue shirts

F-10-11-07 Mustang Express Service Extension

F-10-10-07(a) Regarding the Senate Scholars

F-10-10-06 Addressing Laptop Usage in Class

F-10-10-05 Strengthening Office of Financial Aid

F-10-09-03 Addressing Academic Tutoring On Campus 

F-10-09-02 Addressing Fall and Spring Reading Days 

96th Student Senate

Spring 2010

S-10-04-02 Requesting an Overhaul of the Audio System in Ford Stadium

S-10-03-05 Amending the Absence Policy

S-10-03-03 Requesting the Discontinuation of Student Charges for use of McFarlin Auditorium

S-03-02-10 Honoring Rachel Carey and Nicola Muchnikoff

S-03-01-10 Amending the Student Senate By-Laws

S-02-22-10 Amending the Student Body Constitution

S-10-02-21 Addressing Communication Between Faculty and Students regarding Textbooks

S-10-02-20 Honoring Mrs. Deborah Michel

S-10-01-19 Congratulating the 2009 Football Team 

S-10-01-18 Seeking the Addition of Pedestrian Crosswalks along Dyer Street and Ownby Drive

Fall 2009

F-09-10-16 Unspent funding in Student Senate budget is added to Senate Scholarship fund at years end

F-09-10-15 Mandating the Office of Student Life create an Internal Affairs Board

F-09-10-13 Encourage updating of Dallas Hall quad irrigation

F-09-10-12 Changing "Engineering Senator" to "Lyle Senator"

F-09-10-10 Activating Research and Recommendation Committees

F-09-10-9 Privacy in Fraternity Houses

F-09-10-8 Recommending IFC make all Fraternity House Residents be TIPS and Mustangs Who Care trained

F-09-10-7 Standards for professor participation in Blackboard online course resources

F-09-10-6 A resolution regarding the gift of mustangs to the university and the future of Peruna as our mascot

F-09-10-2 Welcoming Chaplain

95th Student Senate

Spring 2009

S 09 02 13 Official Diplomas at Graduation

S 09 02 12 Reading Days

S 09 02 11 SMU Student Senate By-Laws Revision

S 09 02 10 SMU Student Senate Rules of Order Amendment

S 09 01 09 Climate Commitment

Fall 2008

F 08 12 08 Honoring Dr. Dee Siscoe

F 08 11 07 Environmentally Friendly Boulevard

F 08 11 06 London School of Economics

F 08 11 05 Health Insurance Policy

F 08 11 04 Visitor Information Center

F 08 11 03 Parking

F 08 11 02 Health Insurance Policy

Summer 2008

SE 08-05-01 IFC

SE 08-05-02 Sigma Lamda Gamma

SE 08-05-03 Student Filmmakers Association

94th Student Senate

Spring 2008

S-08-04-31 Membership Legislation

S-08-04-24 Extended Hours for Meadows

S-08-04-19 Friday Classes

S-08-04-18 Drop Policy Bill

S-08-04-15 Crosswalk

S-08-02-14 On-Campus Pub

S-08-02-13 Giddy-Up

Fall 2007

F-07-11-12 Good Samaritan Policy

F-07-11-11 Medical Amnesty

F-07-11-10 Faculty Senate-Student Senate Acting Committee

F-07-11-09 Multicultural Coordinator to Special Interest Interview

F-07-11-08 Rules Tribunal

F-07-11-07 R&R

F-07-11-06 Complaints

F-07-11-05 Fall Break

F-07-11-03 Centennial Campaign

F-07-09-02 By Laws

F-07-08-01 Election Code Revisions

93rd Student Senate

Spring 2007

S-07-01-01 George W. Bush Library

S-07-01-02 R&R By Law Changes

Fall 2006

F-06-08-01 Creating Constitutional Convention

F-06-08-02 Dissolving Academic Committee

F-06-09-03 Student Outreach

F-06-09-04 Senatorial Forum

F-06-09-05 Administration fund health care and non academic offices

F-06-09-06 Finance Committee General Members

F-06-09-07 Student Organization Outreach Initiative

F-06-09-08 Senatorial Forum

F-06-09-09 Finance Membership

F-06-09-10 Resolution to Amend Article IX

F-06-09-11 Finance Senate Chambers

F-06-10-12 Kathleen Mitchell