Becoming a Feral Cat Program Volunteer

Become a Program Volunteer

The feral cats on campus depend on Program volunteers for their health & well being. Volunteers can participate on several levels.

  • Feral Lily Water BowlFeeders 
  •    Feed and water cats one night a week.
  •    Keep an eye out for any injury or illness.
  •    Involves about 1 mile of walking (approx. 1 hour)
  • Photography
    • A digital camera with zoom lens and a steady hand is needed for pictures of ferals!
  • Organizing Donation Drives
    • Your organization can hold a donation or funds drive for supplies and medical care for the cats.
  • Laundry Person
    • If feeding isn't right for you, perhaps you can help us keep our kitty towels clean and dry.
  • Water Person
    • This person fills waterers and delivers water jugs to the feeding stations.
    • This can be done at any time of the day or night, any day

Current Program Volunteers:

If you would like to volunteer in our program, email one of the Program volunteers by clicking on the name, or email the Program at

As of January 2005, the Feral Cat Program is organized and supported by all levels of administration. We would especially like to thank Campus Police, Office of Legal Affairs, and the Office of the President.
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