Donating to the Feral Cat Program

Thank you for your interest in donating to the Feral Cat Program!

Funded by a grant from the Summerlee Foundation, KittiCo performs our spay/neutering & vaccinations. Other medical care and small supplies is paid for by donations from the SMU community.


Cash gifts are accepted by Mary Anne Rogers
Office of Legal Affairs, 1st floor, Perkins Administration Building.

Mary Anne Rogers
c/o Office of Legal Affairs
6425 Boaz
Dallas TX 75275

Checks should be made out to SMU with Feral Cat Program specified on the notation line.

All proceeds benefit the cats directly: supplies and emergency veterinary care.


  • Purina One dry cat food
    (all colonies)
  • Friskies brand wet food (for kittens, nursing mothers, and injured cats)
  • Wooden Shelters
    (These protect food from insects and weather)
    "Re-purposed" dog houses, as long as they have 2 exits, make good cat shelters, too.
  • auto- waterers
  • 1 gallon zip-lock freezer baggies

Email if you have something you would like to donate!
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