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Site Leader

2014 - 2015 Site Leaders


Fall Break

Kelly Howey, Paul Lujan

Emily Dombrowski, Mark Honrales

Jayce Miller, Gloria Yi

Ashley Park, Gabriella Padgett

Chanesia Johnson, La'Keisha Adams

Michelle Ko, Jean Wu


Winter Break

Aymen Osmani, Yu Xie

Monica Rodriguez, Sarah Day


Spring Break

Ethan Suh, Olivia Nguyen

Mimi Chong, Mohammad Alhaji

Lilybeth Strouse, Monica Rodriguez

Paul Lujan, Michelle Ko

Sara Ann Ziemicki, Jayce Miller

Nicholas Costello, Elainy Lopez

River Ribas, Colton Donica

Danielle Katz, Gloria Yi

Ashley Park, Maime Murry

Hena Rafiq, Emily Dombrowski

Mark Honrales, Nohemi Mora


Interested in being a Site Leader?


Applications for Site Leader typically become available at the end of March. Once we wrap up all of our wonderful Spring Break trips, we look to put together the new AB Leadership Team, which is comprised of seven Executive Board members and about 30-40 Site Leaders.

General Requirements for Eligibility:

  • Applicants for the Site Leader position must have attended at least one trip.
  • Students must be in good standing with the University and the Community Engagement & Leadership Center at SMU.

General Site Leader Commitments:

  • Attending the AB Leadership Retreat in the Fall semester. All AB Executive Board Members and Site Leaders are required to attend this retreat in entirety. Failure to attend this retreat will result in loss of position.
  • If selected as a Site Leader, students must commit to leading at least one trip during the year.
  • Fall and Winter Break Leaders will attend bi-weekly meetings in the Fall semester.
  • Spring Break Leaders will attend bi-weekly meetings in the late Fall through Spring semester.
  • Fulfilling all expectations of their positions in a timely manner as well as thinking of new and innovative ideas for their positions.