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Requisition Essentials

In order to view the video tutorials below, please make sure your pop up blockers are turned off and click on the hyperlinked title.

 Create a New Requisition

 Creating & Using Favorites

 Create a Web Requisition

Chartfields and Split Item Costs

Customizing Accounting Lines and Chartfields

Split Item Costs: Individual Line Item

Split Item Costs: Multiple Line Items

Manage Requisitions

Manage Requisitions

Manage Shipping Information

 Change Shipping Address: Individual Line Item

 Change Shipping Address: Multiple Line Item

Price Justification and Comments

 Updating Comments on a Requisition

 Attaching a file: Adding Price Justification

Working with Suppliers (Formerly Vendors)

 Searching for Suppliers

 Suggest a New Supplier

Approving Requisitions

 First Approver

 Second Approver: Approving and Denying Requisitions

 Second Approver: Pushback Requisitions

 Manage Requisitions

 Managing Requisition Approvals