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September 2013

OIT Tech News

Adobe Creative Cloud

Last fall, OIT obtained a site license for Adobe CS 6 for all Faculty and Staff.  Shortly after that release, Adobe changed their software bundling and licensing strategy and moved to their new Creative Cloud platform.  Our license is being renegotiated and we will soon offer the new Creative Cloud suite with several additional tools.

The Creative Cloud suite still allows you to run the full application from your desktop.  The tools are better integrated for enhanced collaboration.  Several additional applications are now included such as:

  • Muse (Website design)
  • After Effects (Visual Effects and graphics)
  • Premiere Pro (Video production)
  • Lightroom (Digital Photography)
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Dreamweaver
  • and more

The software package for deployment will be created and published to IT Managed computers via the LANDesk portal in early October.  Work at home copies are not yet available but are included in our license agreement as well. More details will be posted once the application is ready for installation.

As we prepare for the Creative Cloud rollout, we have invited our Adobe representatives to host several workshops on campus.  Our Adobe Tech Day will be held the morning of Sept 25th in the Hughes Trigg Forum. This session is open to Faculty, Staff, and Students.