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OIT Technology News: November 2012

Fall Edition

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Spotlight on the Network Team

OIT Network TeamIn this edition, we’d like to introduce you to the OIT Network Team. The team consists of 4 Network Engineers and 2 Network Technicians. They are responsible for maintaining the campus wired and wireless network (including upgrading and installing network equipment).

Brad Floyd serves as the Team Lead and has been at SMU for 4 years.  His favorite device is his Android phone with all the various apps.  The strangest job he ever had was in the Army-- nothing was ever normal!  He enjoys working with a lot of different technologies and working with a lot of really sharp people.  The most surprising fact about Brad, is that he is a retired Army Officer and has served all over the world including two tours in the Middle East.

Bruce Meikle has been a member of the network team for 21 years.  His favorite technology device is any network enabled portable computing platform.  The strangest job he ever had was as a Gandy dancer.  (I had to look that one up!  He worked maintaining railroad track.)  He loves the SMU campus and the interesting people that he meets here.  The most surprising fact about Bruce is that he once refurbished an over 100 year old mill house on the Rideau River near Merrickville, Ontario.

Steve Lake has worked at SMU for 14 years.  His favorite gadget is a MicroTik RB450G.  He loves learning new technologies and troubleshooting odd problems.  His surprising fact is that he doesn't know how to juggle.

Scott Casebere is the newest member of the networking team arriving at SMU just 6 months ago.  His favorite technology gadget is his GPS running watch.  The strangest job that he's ever had was an emergency vet tech.  He enjoys the challenges of his job and finds it very rewarding. He also enjoys working with a great group of people.  The most surprising fact about Scott is that he went to elementary school in Germany.

Ruben Chambers has worked at SMU since 1994, starting off as a student worker.  His favorite technology gadget is his kindle.  The oddest job he's ever had was as a VHS tape eraser.  He enjoys the changes that technology offers and the variety it affords on a daily basis.  The most surprising fact about Ruben is that his is actually pretty talkative outside of work!

Adrian Garcia has served as a network technician at SMU for the past 15 years.  His favorite technology gadget is his tablet.  The strangest job he's ever had was as a manager for the Dallas Housing Authority.  He loves the challenges that his job offers and enjoys working on such a beautiful campus.  The surprising fact about Adrian is that he's been married for 31 years!