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OIT Technology News: May 2014



Guest Wireless Changes: SMS Component

This summer, we will integrate a new feature for the Guest Wireless system.  When you initially register on the network for an account, your password is sent to you via email.   Since many devices required a WiFi connection to retrieve that email, it presented a challenge to complete the connection process. This summer we will enable the ability for passwords to be sent via SMS to the cell phone device.  Individuals will be able to select either email or text message to receive their passcode which will then allow them on the SMU_Guest network.  We will also rename the SMU_GuestPilot network to simply SMU_Guest. 


New Changes to

We’re refreshing the to make it easier to use and find information. Here’s a quick look at some of the new features:


  • Newsfeed:  The center of the page now has a listing of all of your tickets regardless of the status.  These will appear in chronological order with the newest tickets appearing at the top.  You can easily locate open incidents and send updates to the assignee.
  • The assist bar: allows you to search your incidents as well as any FAQs or Knowledge Base entries.  This will allow you to find information or solutions immediately for some of the more common questions or issues.
  • FAQs:  We’re creating a series of FAQs to help you identify the right forms or processes.  We’ve received feedback from customers that they often struggle with knowing which form they should submit for a new employee.  One of the new FAQs will focus entirely on a New Employee setup and what you need to know! 

These are just a few of the changes being made to help you request service and support! 

CrashPlan Pro

What would happen if you arrived at the office only to find out that your computer hard drive crashed and all data is completely wiped out?  If you have installed Crash Plan Pro, you’d be back up and running within an hour with all your data readily available!  If you haven’t installed this critical backup program, please do so at your earliest convenience.  The installation only takes a few minutes.  Then you sign in and kick off the first backup process.  Then you are done! CrashPlan will run in the background and take care of the rest.  So give yourself the peace of mind that your data is protected at all times.  Install CrashPlan today.  (Click here for instructions)


Office Applications on iPads and Tablets

Microsoft recently released a version of Office for iPads and Android tablets.  Individuals can download these apps from the App Store or Play Store and immediately have the ability to view office documents.  The viewer itself is free.  Full functionality requires an Office 365 with Office Pro Plus licensing.  Students will be able to receive the full version of the Office Apps for their iPads and Tablets.  At this time, Faculty and Staff are not licensed for the full versions.  Due to the licensing costs, we are not able to add this to our campus subscription.  Employees wishing to purchase the apps may sign up for the 4 year subscription for approximately $80 using their SMU email address. Webserver to Be Decommissioned in August

Over the past few years, concerted effort has been made to migrate all University websites from the old server to a new webserver.  Many of these sites have been moved to Sitecore ( while a few of them have moved to  The old web server will be decommissioned in August.  At that point, any remaining websites still hosted on the old server will be archived and taken offline.


If you have not yet migrated your website to the new servers, please contact us as quickly as possible.  We can assist with the migration to ensure your site is moved prior to the August deadline. 


Help Desk Summer Hours

As the Spring semester draws to a close, the IT Help Desk will transition to our summer schedule.

May 14-June 1, August 2-22

Monday through Friday 8AM-6PM
No weekend hours

June 2-August 1

Monday through Thursday 8AM-9PM
Friday 8AM-6PM
Saturday and Sunday: 12-6

As always, we will respond to emergency after hours call.  Simply contact the Help Desk by phone (214-768-4357) and follow the prompts to receive after hour emergency assistance.