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OIT Technology News: May 2013

OIT Newsletter: Summer

OIT Tech News: May 2013 - Page 4

IT Training Classes

Last year was very exciting for the IT Training team! We expanded our Inside.SMU courses and brought back Microsoft Office providing the opportunity to enroll in individual seminars or complete one of the two certificate training tracks. Our team continues to add workshops, such as Adobe Photoshop, as well as increase the number of hands-on classes. This summer, to accommodate various schedules and learning styles, the IT Training team is providing a broad range of classes including some in a webinar format. These workshops are all provided free of charge to SMU faculty, staff, and students. Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback to help enhance the quality of our services. We hope to see you this summer in one of IT’s 22 sessions!

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9:00am eBook Training with Adobe
5/29 1:30pm Streamlining Document Collaboration and Review Session Full
6/6 2:00pm Beginner's Intro to Photoshop Session Full
6/13 1:00pm Publisher: Print and Email
6/18 9:30pm Beginner's Intro to Photoshop Session Full
6/25 2:00pm Inside.SMU 101 & My Site
6/27 12:00pm PowerPoint: Design & Engage
7/10 2:30pm Beginner's Intro to Photoshop Session Full
7/11 2:00pm Inside.SMU Calendaring
7/23 9:30am Publisher: Emails and Print
7/25 10:30am Inside.SMU Managing Lists and Views
7/30 10:30am Inside.SMU Document Library Management

Statistical Software Training
SAS, SPSS, and MatLab

These are three of the most popularly used packages at SMU for analyzing and modeling data for a wide variety of application areas. Shirlene Pearson, Phd. from Academic Technology Services gears these workshops for the novice who has no prior experience using these packages or any other statistical software packages, as well as those who may need a refresher course. Moreover, it does not assume any in-depth knowledge of statistics.

 6/3 3:00pm 
 6/4 5:00pm MatLab I
 6/5 3:00pm SAS II
 6/6 5:00pm MatLab II
 6/7 3:00pm SAS III
 6/11 2:00pm SPSS I
 6/13 3:00pm SPSS II
 7/8 6:00pm SAS I
 7/18 6:00pm SAS II
 7/25 6:00pm SAS III


Email Encryption Service

Do you send emails containing sensitive or private information to non SMU addresses?  If so, you may want to sign up for our Email Encryption Service.  This service has been piloted by several departments for the past several months and is now available for faculty and staff. It is designed to ensure that the sensitive data (such as social security numbers, banking account numbers etc) are fully encrypted and can not be accessed by an unauthorized individual.  If you are interested in this service, please contact the IT Help Desk.  Additional information is also available on the service page.