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OIT Technology News: May 2013

OIT Newsletter: Summer

OIT Tech News: May 2013 - Page 3

Software and Hardware: Availability, Discounts and Purchasing

Academic Software availability: There were several requests for faculty and students to access several of the specialized applications such as SPSS and SAS from anywhere. We do have a new service called Apps.SMU that is designed to deliver this functionality. We currently have a limited number of concurrent user licenses. We are working on the final details to make this service available to the individuals that need the software while ensuring that we can increase our licenses if there is more demand. Look for the official announcement and details in August.

Purchasing process—replacing the computer corner: HiEd’s decision to close the Campus Computer store was an unexpected event. We realize there is a lot of confusion as to where to go for technology purchases. IT Support Services has assumed responsibility for this service. Departmental purchases can be made via by authorized purchasers in each department. These individuals were designated by the Financial Officers. Quotes and inquiries can be sent to

Adobe CS6 Design Standard LogoStudent and Employee Discounts for software applications: Even though the SMU Computer Corner has closed, the academic discounts on software still apply. Faculty and Staff can obtain copies of software through the work at home rights for Microsoft and Adobe. Students can purchase these products at a discount. More details will be posted during the month of May on our new purchasing website (under development)

Other Suggestions

PhoneOnline telephone directory: The telephone directory with names, email addresses and phone numbers will be available online for campus and public access early this summer. Campus phone numbers are currently published and available in the Global Address List (available in Webmail and Outlook) as well as in Lync.


Ability to browse the organizational hierarchy: This is also available through the Global Address List in Webmail or Outlook. Simply pull up the individual’s name and click on the Organization tab or link. The manager as well as any direct reports are displayed on the screen.

Microsoft Office Experts: There were a few comments about needing Microsoft Office Experts available to answer application specific questions. IT Technology Support Services personnel have been required to earn a certification each year for the past few years. Several individuals have received multiple Office certifications. So if you have application specific questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the Help Desk! They can assist with many of the questions but can also put you in touch with one of the certified individuals.

Get IT Help

Help Desk Availability after 5: There were several comments requesting the Help Desk to stay open past 5:00pm. We already do! Our full time staff is available from 8 am-6:30 pm (Monday through Thursday) and 8:00am-5:30pm on Friday. Our student team takes over the phone support in the evenings until 9pm (Monday through Friday). The student team is also available to assist via phone on Saturday (9-5) and Sunday (9-9). For emergency requests after hours, we have a notification system in place. Simply call the help desk number and follow the prompts to notify the on call staff.