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OIT Technology News: March 2014

Free Adobe Creative Cloud Training

As you may know, Adobe Creative Cloud can now be downloaded on University owned machines via LANDesk. This agreement allows you access to even more Adobe creative tools! If you’re looking for a little training or inspiration on how to use the different tools, we’ve compiled a list for you of the free resources that are available to you.

*OIT staff favorite.

  1. Expanded Help Menu within all Adobe products
  2. Hours of tips, tricks, and tutorials
  3. Tutorials and inspirational projects (also available on the iPad)
  4. * Adobe Education Exchange: self-paced workshops, professional development offerings, and a global community of educators
  5. Creative Cloud Getting Started: Quick, entry-level projects
  6. Level Up for Photoshop: a game of missions, the more you learn the more points and rewards you collect. Click here for more information.
  7. Know How: a collection of free and premium tutorials
  8. Adobe for Academics: Adobe Education Tutorials for Creative Cloud Products
  9. Offers tutorials, an idea exchange, strong community help and other resources
  10. Acrobat Help and Tutorial Portal: Links to tutorials and “What’s New” explanations
  11. Premier Pro Basics (and other video editing tutorials): Non-Adobe site, video tutorials. Click here for more information.
  12. Adobe Digital Publishing Gallery: A collection of DPS Projects great for finding inspirational designs
  13. DPS “Tips” App: A collection of tutorials delivered via app. Provides examples and tutorials on how to build the example. Available in the iTunes store.
  14. Adobe Pinterest Boards: a wide range of inspirational ideas
  15. Our IT Training department also has two webinars on Creative Cloud this spring.

For more information on eligibility and instructions for downloading Creative Cloud, please see the Creative Cloud article in our last newsletter.