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OIT Technology News: June 2011

OIT Newsletter: Summer

OIT June 2011 Newsletter: Page 4


Introducing the Client Architecture Team

In this edition, we’d like to introduce you to the Client Architecture Team.  This team is part of the Support Services department. They are responsible for a number of critical tasks and projects affecting the desktop experience.  They manage the LanDesk server and prepare all of the applications for deployment.  They manage the campus inventory collected by LanDesk and research machines that stop reporting in to the Inventory server.  They also review patch levels of all computers ensuring that antivirus, application and OS patches are remaining current.  In addition, they are involved in many large projects that affect all OIT managed machines including Statistical Software deployment, Pharos, and more.  They recently relocated to Expressway Tower sharing an office with the Hardware Lifecycle Team.

Jennifer Fisher has worked at SMU for the past 4 years.  She serves as the Team Lead for the Client Architecture Team. Her favorite technology gadget is her MacBook Pro.  She takes it everywhere!  She loves that her job is incredibly challenging every day.  She enjoys being part of a University and enjoys working with the various teams.  Her strangest job was as a nursery school teacher.  She was allowed to play for a living, and was the only teacher of three year olds with computers in the room. That job gave birth to two of her lifelong interests, computers and psychology. Strange mix! Jennifer loves being a mom and currently has 5 children (3 of her own and 2 step children) ranging in age from 22 years to 10 months.  She definitely stays busy!

Terry Johnston has worked at SMU for 15 years.  He loves any technology with flashy lights or bleepy sounds that he can modify and destroy.  He’s also really good at fixing computers too!  His strangest job was a sporting goods salesman.  He knew nothing about the items he was supposed to sell since he’s not quite a sportsman himself!  He enjoys the many challenges offered by the technology at SMU and really enjoys the process of learning new technology, implementing that technology and then fixing issues that arise.  A surprising fact about Terry is that he loves listening to classic heavy metal music.

Steve Flora is the third member of the Client Architecture team. Steve has been a part of Support Services for 21 years!  He loves his iPad and loves the challenges of technology.  He likes the fact that his job changes significantly from year to year.  His first job at 14 years old was managing a paper route. Since he had to do his own collection work too, it gave him a lot of experience dealing with customers.  The surprising fact about Steve is that he’s a great grandpa! He married a woman who had 4 children, the oldest of whom recently became a grandma!