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OIT Technology News: June 2011

OIT Newsletter: Summer

OIT June 2011 Newsletter: Page 3

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New Site Licenses and New Software Installation Process

IT manages a large number of license agreements for software used by a majority of the campus.  As applications become more and more popular, IT often negotiates a campus agreement to better manage the licenses as well as save money for the University.  IT has recently negotiated several campus site licenses. 

  • SAS is available to Faculty, Staff and Students on University owned and personal machines. In addition, a campus license for SAS JMP has also recently been negotiated and will be available to campus soon.
  • Mathematica is available for Faculty, Staff and Students on University owned and personal machines.
  • SPSS is available for faculty, staff, and students on University computers only.  The license includes all SPSS modules.
  •  Matlab is available to faculty, staff and students on University computers only and will include 25 different toolsets.
  •  A new Apple Operating System Maintenance agreement will offer iWorks and iLife to all Faculty and Staff University owned machines. 

All of these applications will be made available for installation via the LANDesk portal later this summer.  The LANDesk Portal is accessible on those machines managed by IT and allows you to determine which software you want and when you want it installed. 

For Windows computers:

  1. Click Start—Programs—LANDesk
  2. Open the LANDesk Software Deployment Portal
  3. Locate the application you wish to install
  4. Click Deploy

For Mac computers:

Macs are currently receiving a new LANDesk agent which will offer a similar functionality. This agent will be deployed to all campus Macs over the next few weeks. 

  1. Browse to the Applications folder
  2. Open the LANDesk Agent
  3. Locate the “Policy Based Distribution” item in the Overview tab. 
  4. Click “Check Now” to view available software for your computer.

In addition, OIT has begun receiving all of the Adobe 5.5 upgrades.  Instead of copying and distributing disks with this upgrade, we will also make these applications available for customers that currently have maintenance agreements on the Adobe products.  More details will be sent once the Adobe applications are ready for distribution.  These products are not available for all faculty and staff, but only those who have current maintenance licenses purchased by the individual departments.

For employees in Lyle School of Engineering or Cox School of Business, please contact your local technology support team for assistance in obtaining any of the software mentioned above.

Cell Phone News

Over the past few months, theCellular Support Team (Marilyn Trent and Rachel Mulry) has been reviewing cell phone plans with the Financial Officers.  An analysis was completed for each BAN (account group) to determine the optimal plans and number of shared minutes.  Based on the new plans offered by Sprint, all mobile to mobile calls are free—regardless of carrier.  That option allows each group to reduce their total number of minutes required.  Ten groups recently converted to the new plans and recommended minutes.  This resulted in a monthly savings over $8,000!  We will continue to work with the various groups to convert to the new plans and help save University money.

Need Help Identifying and Implementing a Technology Solution?

Do you need help solving a business process problem?  Do you have a business need that could be solved by technology, but you don’t know where to begin?  Let us help!  As we increase available technology services, many departments aren’t quite sure how those services might be useful to them.    That’s where we’d love to offer some assistance! 

We will be reaching out to various departments across campus requesting a meeting.  These meetings are designed to allow departments to voice their current technology frustrations or needs.  We can then identify possible solutions and help guide the implementation.  But don’t wait for an invite!  Let us know if you’d like to meet and discuss your technology and support needs.  Simply email Rachel Mulry at .

We look forward to meeting and collaborating with you!

Welcome Garrick and Robert

We would like to welcome two new members of the Support Services Team.  Garrick Linn has recently joined the Field Support team (Replacing Rickey Harding who moved to Houston in March). Garrick grew up in Richardson but moved to Berkley California for the past several years.  He has lots of experience in desktop support and administration on both Mac and PC platforms.  He is a great addition to the team! 

Robert Burkett has officially joined the Hardware Lifecycle team (replacing Tracy McGee who left SMU in March). Robert has worked with the team as a temporary employee when the order volume was high.  He has now joined the team on a full time basis and is also a great addition to the team.

We welcome both of these new employees to SMU!

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