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OIT Technology News: January 2014


Available for Installation: 

CrashPlan Pro, Office 2013 and Adobe Creative Cloud(Faculty and Staff Only)

The following applications are now available for faculty and staff: CrashPlan Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud and Office 2013.  The applications are published to the LANDesk Deployment Portal on all IT managed computers.  Faculty and Staff may install these applications when it is most convenient.

To access the LANDesk Portal:

Windows computer

  1. Click Start-- Programs-- LANDesk Management-Desktop Manager
  2. Check the box next to the application you wish to install
  3. Click Deploy

Macintosh computers

  1. Click the Chevron icon in the top right corner of the screen
  2. Select Software Portal
  3. Check the box next to the application you wish to install
  4. Click Install


CrashPlanPro- Client Backup Software

During the Fall semester, IT implemented an enterprise backup utility available for faculty and staff primary workstations. Once installed, CrashPlan Pro automatically creates a fully encrypted backup of your data on a regular basis without any further intervention from you. Individual files or complete backups can be restored easily once you provide your credentials. The software is now available to all faculty and staff via LanDesk. The installation process is quick and easy. Please take a moment to protect your data! For more details, click here.

Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud provides upgrades to the existing Creative Suite applications as well as a host of new applications that were previously included in the Master Collection. To install this software, simply access the LANDesk portal from your IT managed computer. We recommend uninstalling all previous version of the Creative Suite software before installing these applications.

Microsoft Office 2013

Office 2013 is now available for installation on SMU managed faculty and staff computers running Windows. The new suite offers a few new features and a slightly redesigned interface. There are known issues with embedding videos in Word and Powerpoint. If you use these features regularly, please do not install the applications at this time.