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OIT Technology News: February 2013

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OIT Technology News: February 2013 - Page 5

Office 2013

Office 2013 Preview

Microsoft has released the latest version of Office—Office 2013. This latest version integrates with Office 365 (the web based services including office apps and storage) but also offers several new features.

Fortunately, the ribbon and overall design hasn’t changed drastically! However, the applications and interfaces are definitely more streamlined and elegant. Each application offers new templates and styles to help create more polished documents and presentations. Each application also opens to a new launch screen where you can access templates, recent files and more. The following are a few of the new features offered in the individual applications.

  • Import PDF files into word for editing. The imported document retains the original formatting and allows editing of tables and graphics as well.
  • Embed PDF files within a word document
  • New tools for reviewing and tracking changes
  • New navigational feature allows you to collapse a paragraph to minimize scrolling
  • New Read mode allows you to flip through a document like a book (geared towards tablet devices)
  • View a video within the document itself


  • New data analysis tools—Quick Analysis – provides access to various graphical elements to aid in analysis
  • Flash Fill- recognizes patterns in your data entry and completes rows or columns
  • Excel also now offers chart recommendations based on the data you select
  • Supports widescreen mode now
  • Presenter view grants easier access to notes and a preview of the upcoming slide
  • Peeks—let you “peek” at your schedule or a specific appointment without leaving the message window
  • The calendar also includes a weather widget that will display the weather forecast

OIT is in the process of acquiring Office 2013 to install and review. Once we’ve completed the initial testing, we will prepare the application for distribution to campus. More details will be provided once the software is available for campus. Overall, the new suite offers some nice features without introducing too much change to the look and functionality used by campus.

Changes Coming for Student Email

EmailThe Office of Information Technology has begun evaluation of new solutions for student email and collaborative applications. The solutions under evaluation include cloud offerings from Microsoft and Google. Over the coming months, the OIT Project Team will be seeking input from various campus stakeholders. Objectives for this project include providing email for students with increased storage capability and mailbox access post-graduation, as well as collaborative applications for students, faculty and staff.

Office 365

Students considering purchase of Office 365 University 2013 from Computer Corner should be advised that, while SMU may be providing free access for students to Office 365 for Education within the next calendar year, this access will not include the Office 2013 Desktop Application which comes with Office 365 University 2013.