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OIT Technology News: February 2013

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OIT Technology News: February 2013 - Page 3

Training News: Certification Completion and New Classes Offered

For the past year, the training team has offered a series of classes on Inside.SMU and Microsoft Office in addition to the normal training schedule. We challenged faculty and staff to complete a series of courses in either category to earn a training certificate. The participation in these classes was incredible!


We received some valuable feedback throughout the year in terms of the training format and subjects that are of interest. An overwhelming majority of the participants indicated that a hands-on training format was more valuable than a demo format. Although there may be subjects that are conducive to a demo style presentation, our new class line-up will be “hands- on”. Additionally, several topics were requested including mail merge, adobe creative suite, and advanced word and excel hands on sessions.

For the spring semester, we announced the following classes:

Streamlining Document Collaboration and Review

(All spring sessions are currently full.) In this seminar, we will introduce the various tools in Microsoft Word, Excel, SharePoint and Adobe Acrobat that can be used in creating and revising a document with multiple contributors. We will focus on versioning controls, protecting portions of the document, securing the document and combining multiple versions to produce a finished product. We will also identify when to use each of the tools to streamline file production.

Beginner's Intro to Photoshop 

(All spring sessions are currently full.)This hands-on workshop is for the ultimate beginner. Students will learn how to open Photoshop, familiarize themselves with the most important tools, create a new document, and edit a photo. If you have never used Photoshop before but always wanted to, this workshop is for you.

Mastering Mail Merge

(All sessions are currently full.)This workshop will show you how to create personalized letters in Microsoft Word using both the mail merge wizard and creating more advanced mail merges. We will explore merging data from various sources. Learn how to preview letters and troubleshoot within mail merges and understand how mail merge can be made easy by setting rules to merge only letters that fit your needs.


Users Complete IT Training Certificate Program

Congratulations to the following individuals for successfully completing an IT Training Certificate Program:

Microsoft Office Certificate Program

  • Kim Akers 
  • Allison Berk
  • Sandra Blackstone
  • DeWayne Blundell
  • Lisa Boyd
  • Denise Bumford
  • Pavielle Chriss
  • Catherine Collins
  • Veronica Decena*
  • Suzanne Hamic
  • Melissa Humason
  • Felicia Kuo
  • Frances Lapetina
  • Terri Lewers*
  • Timothy McLemore*
  • Rebecca Melde*
  • Jill Moore
  • Myra Moss
  • Sharron Pierson
  • Claudia Robles
  • Katherine Schacht
  • Ruthann Swanson
  • Erica Velasquez
  • Chauncey Watson*
  • Dawn Woods
  • Ashley Zmau*

* Completed additional training.

Inside.SMU Certificate Program

  • Lisa Bell
  • Sandra Blackstone
  • DeWayne Blundell
  • Lisa Boyd
  • Pavielle Chriss
  • Ursula Davison
  • Juliene Ellis
  • Millicent Grant
  • Duane Harbin
  • Clare Lattimore
  • Rebecca Melde
  • Teresa Moreland
  • Emily Newsome
  • Rene Reid
  • Theresa Remek
  • Michael Tumeo
  • Ashley Zmau

New Online TIMEaccess Course

TIMEaccess training is now an online course and has replaced the once monthly class previously offered by IT Training. In this course you will follow an audio guide through step-by-step tutorials that allow you to “Try-it!” as you learn. At your convenience, you can find the new TIMEaccess course on the IT Training homepage or by clicking here.

Upcoming Training Events

Streamlining Document Collaboration & Review

  • February 21 9:30-12:00 (full session)
  • March 26 1:30-4:00 (full session)
  • April 30 1:30-4:00 (full session)

Due to an overwhelming response the Beginner's Intro to Photohop & Mastering Mail Merge classes and waitlists are currently closed for the Spring Semester. Future course offerings will be posted at as they are available.

To register for classes, login to Access.SMU.