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OIT Technology News: December 2011


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Spotlight on the OIT Web Team

Web TeamThere are four members of the OIT team dedicated to providing Web support for the University.  The team is responsible for maintaining the various web servers and services including Sitecore, Wiki, Blog, Faculty and People Sites and custom web applications.

Aren Cambre is the Team Lead for the Web group. He began his career as a student worker from 1995-1999.  He's worked full time since 1999.  SMU is much more than just a place of employment. For Aren, it's a second community. He's received three degrees from SMU and is workign on a fourth.  He plays in the alumni band and is connected with a lot of people here.  His favorite gadget is the HTC Evo 3D.  His strangest job was working for a Stop N Go in Houston doing maintenance for various gas stations.  The most surprising fact is that he's been interviewed and internationally broadcasted on the BBC World Service.

David Fox has worked at SMU for 12 years.  His favorite technology gadget is simply the computer!  He enjoys working with his co-workers on a daily basis.  The strangest job he ever had was washing the windows of his high school.  The most surprising fact about David is his age!

Leann Davis (not pictured) has worked at SMU for 7 years.  Her favorite technology gadget is her iPad.  She loves the interaction wtih her customers and the unlimited opportunities to lean and work with the latest web technologies.  She once briefly played in the horn section for the Dash Riprock and the Dragons local band.

Chis Gilbert is the newest member of the team. He's been working at SMU for 15 months.  His favorite gadget is his smart phone.  The strangest job he ever had was a watermelon loader.  His favorite part of the job is working with the customers and finding solutions. In his spare time, Chris builds Western Cedar Adirondack chairs for family, friends and local charities.

STAR Student takes 2ND in SMU's 2011 Green-Minute Video Contest

SMU STAR Student Ryan Tanner, a first-year student from Arizona, was the second place winner in SMU's annuall Green-Minute Video Contest. The contest was organized to foster sustainability and concern for the environment.

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