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OIT Technology News: August 2011

OIT Newsletter: Back to School Edition

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Cox Email Migration Project Nearing Completion

Email MigrationDuring the summer months, the Cox IT teams and OIT teams worked together to migrate over 300 email accounts.  The project included a lengthy discovery and planning phase before any mailbox was ever touched.  Then each migration was scheduled individually to ensure that the scheduled date and time was as convenient as possible for the Cox faculty or staff.  The mailbox and all contents were moved from the Cox server to the OIT server. Then the IT Desktop Support team contacted the customer to assist with the configuration of any email clients, tablets, phones etc.  The project is currently at 95% completion. The remaining accounts will be completed over the next few weeks. 

The consolidation of all Email services to a central server was an effort to consolidate redundant IT services on campus and save University money on licensing and hardware costs.  This is a major milestone for the University.  Thank you to the Cox faculty and staff for your patience and cooperation during this major initiative.

Campus Digital Display Project Underway

Campus Digital DisplaysA new project is underway to unite the various digitial signage across campus under one technology.  This technology would allow the responsible groups in each building or department to control the content of their displays from a website. They can design the screens displaying static and dynamic content offering a richer more polished presentation.  By uniting them under one technology, several other possible applications are then available. This includes the sharing of content across the devices.  For example: Campus wide event information or marketing information could be shared easily with other displays on campus.  Emergency notification could also be availalbe in the event of a campus emergency or weather emergency.  Authorized individuals could quickly create a screen with the important information and publish that screen to the various displays on campus. 

At this time, a few departments have begun implementing the new displays.  The project underway will focus on the framework of managing user permissions and security, the process for publishing content across all displays and the types of situations where that would be appropriate. If you are considering adding or upgrading the digital signage in your department or school, please contact Abby Kinney for details about the Enterprise Signage solution. 

Spotlight on the Technology Training Team

Carrie Donaldson & Laurene KlassenThe IT Technology Training team consists of two primary trainers, Carrie Donaldson and Laurene Klassen.  Several other IT staff assist in providing classes to University Faculty and Staff including Brad Boeke, Gary Torborg, Rachel Mulry, and Ian Aberle.

Training is offered both in person and online on a number of different services.  These services include Access.SMU, Blackboard, Inside.SMU, and others.

Carrie Donaldson has worked at SMU for the past 23 years!  He favorite technology gadget is her cell phone. She likes the troubleshooting aspect of her job as well as the training aspects. She loves seeing "the lights go on" when someone learns something new.  One of the strangest jobs she ever had was selling Christmas trees one season.  Something you may not have known about Carrie is that she was a sharp shooter on a girls' rifle team in High School.

Laurene Klassen has worked at SMU for 14 years.  She began working in Development and then switched over to OIT several years ago.  Her favorite technology gadget is her cell phone, which is surprisingly not a smart phone. However, she does steal her husbands ipod Touch to play all the latest apps.  The strangest job Laurene had was working for Planters Peanuts. She actually was the shortest Mr Planters peanut mascot ever!  She enjoys the administrative aspect of her job,  the learning, planning and designing new courses and then meeting new people around campus who can utilize the resources she develops.  A surprising fact about Laurene is that she spent 6 months interning at the John F Kennedy Center for Performing Arts.  Although the pay was lousy, she took advantage of the free tickets to all the events. To this day she still enjoys attending concerts and plays.