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OIT Technology News: April 2012

OIT Newsletter: April

OIT Tech News: April 2012 - Page 5

Spotlight on the SMU Operators
and Telephone System Support Teams

OIT Telecom TeamIn this edition, we’d like to introduce you to two teams within the Telecommunication Services Group of IT.  The Telephone Systems Support team consists of Ronny Jepsen and Lynn Gross.  They are responsible for the installation, configuration and management of our campus phone system.  The Telephone Operators, Jamee Jepsen, Lisa Appelman, and Sharon Castro, provide directory assistance for the campus responding to 2000-3000 calls per week. 

Ronny Jepsen has worked at SMU for the past 21 years.  His favorite technology gadget is his Hummingbird 788ci FishFinder GPS system.  Guess that tells you what Ronny loves to do in his time off!  The strangest job he’s ever had was as a Farrier—trimming and shodding horses hoofs. Ronny finds his job at SMU to be very rewarding. He believes “SMU is a wonderful environment where students and others in the community can increase their knowledge of the ever changing world in which we live. I like to think, by working here, I am doing my small part to help others gain a little of that knowledge.  It is a most rewarding experience to be a member of the SMU community.” A surprising fact about Ronny, is that at one time he had a full head of long hair!

Lynn Gross has worked at SMU for the past 18 years.  Her favorite technology gadget is her cell phone.  She once worked at a Dairy Queen.  She enjoys getting out on campus and working with people.  Fortunately, her role in Telephone Systems Support gives her plenty of opportunity to do so!

Jamee Jepsen is the team lead for the Telephone Operators.  She has worked at SMU for 16 years and loves her iPhone.  She enjoys everything about her job.  The strangest job she’s ever had was chopping lettuce at Café Max.  Jamee is quite an amazing cook too!  A surprising fact about Jamee is that she was a swimsuit model when she was 17-18.

Sharon Castro has worked at SMU for the past 7 years after retiring from 32 years at TXU. She also loves her iPhone.  The strangest job she has had was as a Soda Jerk at Skillern’s Drug Store. She loves working with Lisa and Jamee and helping those that call.  A surprising fact about Sharon is that she loves to dance and attends Jazzercise 3-4 days a week.

Lisa Appelman has worked at SMU for 10 years.  Her favorite gadget is her iPhone.  She loves working with her team.  The strangest job she's ever had was selling lemonade at Caton first Monday Trade Days.