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Office of Information Technology

Cellular Service Justification Process

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About the Process

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that individuals meet certain criteria in order to receive a mobile device from SMU without being taxed. In order to ensure compliance with this regulation, an annual justification process has being implemented which will ask employees to document the business purpose for the mobile device.

The employee receiving the device is required to complete the initial form and respond to the following questions:

  • Are you on call at times for work-related emergencies? 
  • Do you have a business need to conduct business outside of normal or scheduled working hours? 
  • Do you typically work in the field where alternative communication devices are not readily available? 
  • Other justification for the device if none of the other questions are applicable.

Once submitted, the responses are reviewed by the employee's supervisor and Financial Officer.  The process is not complete until all approvals are in place.

This same process is also required for all new subscribers or if a service is transferred to another employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I click on the link in the email, I'm prompted for my login credentials.  However, I get an access denied error.  What do I do?

    The username format must include SMU\ in front of the ID (smu\00001111).  Please use that format along with your SMU password to authenticate to Inside.SMU and access the form.

Can I delegate someone else to submit or approve these forms?

    No.  Security is assigned to each item allowing only the employee, supervisor and Financial Officer of record to approve the forms in this process.  Delegate permissions will not be permitted.

What happens if a form is not approved?

    If the cellular service does not have the necessary business justification, the form should be declined. At that point, OIT will work directly with the supervisor and the employee to terminate the service.

Can I change the justification response that was entered by my employee?

    Yes. Supervisors may change the justification answers provided by the employee if they do not feel it was answered correctly. However, the employee will not receive any notification of the changes.  Therefore, supervisors are encouraged to discuss changes with the employees if it will impact their eligibility for service.

As a supervisor or FO, I see a long list of forms awaiting my approval. Is there any way to approve them all at once?

    No.  Each item must be reviewed and approved individually.

My employees have completed their forms but I have not received an email notification.  What do I do?

    The supervisor emails will be sent on a specific date once all employee forms are received. At that time, you will receive one email with a link to all of your forms (rather than one email per employee).  See the timeline to the right of this page for the scheduled date of each email workflow. 

I received a notice but no longer have the service assigned to me.  What do I do?

    Please contact the help desk.

The correct supervisor did not receive the justification form.  What do I do?

    The reporting relationship stored in Access.SMU and maintained by HR is used throughout this workflow to determine the Supervisor and Financial Officer for an individual.  If the data is incorrect, the supervisor should contact HR to make the appropriate changes.  OIT can then launch the workflow to generate the approval for the new supervisor.

I received a form but don't recognize the cellular number provided.

    If you have a data card or an iPad with cellular service, a cellular number is assigned to each of these devices.  Althought it is never used directly, that number will appear on the justification form and is used in billing services.  The device type should be listed on the justification form that you received.  If you still do not recognize the device type or number, please contact the Help Desk.