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SMU Financials



About SMU Financials:

SMU Financials is a web based application that allows approved individuals to manage the financial debits and credits for their department. This application is only accessible from the SMU Network. Therefore, off campus access requires a VPNconnection.

Permissions and Access

SMU Financials access should be requested by your Financial Officer. Once your financial officer submits their request and we are notified that you are ready for training you will receive information on how to access the SMU Financials course.

Q drive access

Important financial reports and queries are stored on the Q drive. Therefore, it may be necessary for some individuals to have access both to SMU Financials and the Q drive reports. Access to the Q drive must be requested via the Online Support Center by the supervisor as well.

Training and Assistance

Training is provided by the Administrative Systems Training team. In addition, the Controller's Office provides support for SMU Financials. There are various training documents and information on the Controller's website in addition to those shown below.

Financials.SMU Training

SMU Financials

Before SMU Financials permissions can be applied, an account request form must be submitted by your Financial Officer on your behalf. You’ll need to have your FO open a help desk ticket. They will need to complete the following items:

  • Under IT Forms select Account Request
  • Select Employee Accounts
  • Select Financial Accounts
  • Select New SMU Financials Account

Once the managers of the Financial system receive the ticket, they will send it to IT Training & Communications indicating which type of financials training you need to complete.