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Important Announcement: Locker.SMU to be decommissioned in 2015

As part of the project to decommission Locker.SMU, all new faculty, staff and students who logon to the system as of Monday, January 12, 2015 will lack the ability to save files to their "Personal" spaces on Locker. New users will be able to access departmental/Orgspace resources, as long as they are provided explicit permissions.

New faculty and staff are directed to use Office 365 OneDrive for Business for personal file storage. Existing users of Locker.SMU will see no disruption as a result of this change, but are advised to transition personal content to OneDrive prior to March 1, 2015.

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About Locker offers secure, web based file storage, sharing and collaboration. Personal locker accounts are created automatically. Departmental locker spaces are available by request.

Locker offers a variety of features for file storage and sharing. Permissions can be assigned to a specific file or at a folder level and can be restricted to view only, edit, or full permissions. Files can even be stored with non SMU individuals using a unique ticketing system.

Faculty, Staff and students are allocated 5GB of personal locker space.

Departmental or School Locker Space

Departmental locker space offers quite a bit more storage and is available by request via the Online Support Center. A designated administrator must be assigned to each Departmental space. That individual then has the ability to assign permissions to the various subfolders.

To access a departmental space, click on the arrow next to "users" once you have logged into Locker. A drop down will appear offering the following options: Org Space, Schools and Users. Select either Org Space or School as appropriate. Any folders to which you have permissions will appear in the window.

Web Browsers

Locker works with all standard web browsers. Since Locker uses right click menus, some Mac users will need to hold down the control key before clicking on a file or folder to display the sub menus.

Accessing Locker through Windows Explorer

Locker can also be accessed through windows explorer allowing you to simply drag and drop documents into your locker folder. (instructions)

Locker Functionality

Locker offers the following features:

  • Secure File Storage
  • File sharing with a variety of permissions
  • Versioning
  • Subscriptions (receive an email when content is uploaded or changed)
  • Web page hosting
  • Ideal for controlling access to sensitive data or transferring large files.


Working with Files in Locker

To edit a file stored in locker, download the file first and save it to your desktop. Make the necessary edits and then upload the file back to your locker space. If you do not store a local copy, all changes will be lost!