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Mobile Application for Courses.SMU

Blackboard MobileThe Mobile application for Courses.SMU is now available for SMU faculty and students.

Application Compatibility

This application is not yet supported on all devices. Please review the list below closely to determine if your mobile device will support this application.

iPhone devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) will work using a WiFi connection only. If you are connected only to the AT&T Edge network, the application will not work. Please connect to PerunaNet to use the Courses.SMU mobile app.

Android and Blackberry devices provided by Sprint will work over both the Sprint network and the WiFi network. Devices on other cellular carriers (Verizon, T-mobile etc) will not work.

Through the mobile application, students and faculty can connect to Courses.SMU to view announcements, grades, class rosters, blogs, discussion boards, journals, and tasks. The mobile app does not offer all the functionality of Courses.SMU, but allows you to access certain features quickly and easily.

Downloading the Software

Before downloading the application, please confirm that your device is compatible. The application can be downloaded from the Blackboard website. Simply install the application and search for SMU. Login with your ID and password.