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I Can't Connect!

I can't into Courses.SMU.

  • If you can't log into Courses.SMU you may not be added as a user in the system yet. The Courses.SMU is updated each morning with course and user information.  If you can wait till the next day your login or missing course problem will likely resolve itself.
  • The Courses.SMU servers are very robust. However, network connections on or off campus may temporarily be unavailable. If there is a known outage a notice will be posted on Courses.SMU's main page.
  • After a major version change to Courses.SMU is done the URL for the server my change. We try not to do this but it may occur for technical reasons. If we have to make this change a notice will be posted. Use the login link in the upper right of the these Courses.SMU help pages to be sure you find the proper server.

If you can log into Courses.SMU, but parts aren't working properly: