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Mystery of prehistoric marine mammal intensifies

SMU researchers identify oddball creature that ate like a vacuum cleaner . . . Read more.

Featured News & Experts

Christopher-Columbus-portrait-by-Sebastian- del-Piombo

Discover Spain!
Oct. 10 festival features items from Columbus's voyage of discovery and works from the House of Alba at the Meadows Museum.

Kimbilio Litfest

Kimbilio Litfest
Budding authors or fans of the literary arts will be introduced to an African-American fiction writer’s organization Oct. 15.

Sketch by Nancy Hamon

Nancy Hamon Exhibit
Philanthropist Nancy Hamon's fashion design sketches are on exhibit at SMU's Hamon Arts Library.

TEDxSMU 2015

TEDxSMU Coming Soon
Tickets are on sale for TEDxSMU 2015, the Oct. 17 program that challenges assumptions and expectations.

Southwest Review

Southwest Review at 100
One of the nation's premier literary journals turns 100 years old.

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Election Experts
The battle for votes is heating up. To get insightful perspectives and accurate interpretations, ask the SMU experts, who are watching the polls, parsing the speeches, and analyzing the candidates.