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Assistant Professor of Ceramics Brian Molanphy Featured in Spring Exhibition in Provence, France

Galerie Vingt-deux to showcase Molanphy’s tiles and fonts

mallons, ceramic, 4' x 4', installed at the Camargo Foundation, Cassis, France, 2010

Brian Molanphy, Assistant Professor of Ceramics, will share an exhibition in May and June with painter Danielle Prijikorski at Galerie Vingt-deux in the Lubéron region of Provence, France. Molanphy will present tiles and fonts composed of circles, squares, spheres and cubes. He employs marbled motifs inspired by Provençal landscapes, particularly the rocks littering the Mediterranean coast.

According to art historian Marielle Magliozzi, "These cubes denote landscapes of waves and clouds. What more likely than a cube, reproducible ad infinitum, for both unique and multiple plastic interpretations?" Molanphy's research of Provençal marbled ceramics began in 2010 with support from the Camargo Foundation and the Brown Foundation. The research continues this summer with support from the Meadows School and from SMU's University Research Council.

Molanphy was recently elected to the International Academy of Ceramics, the principal organization representing the interests of ceramists worldwide. Presenting international contemporary ceramics at its highest level since its inception in 1952, the Academy includes fewer than 80 Americans among its 500 members. For only the second time in its history, the Academy will hold its biennial assembly in the United States when members gather in Santa Fe in September. "We're looking forward to the broader perspectives that the diverse membership will share in Santa Fe," said Molanphy.

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