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SMU Alum President of Computer History Museum

John Hollar, an alum from 1980, now directs the San Franscisco museum dedicated to the long history of computers

Ryan Glenn (B.F.A./B.A. '10-Theatre Studies & Creative Advertising)
John Hollar, an SMU alum of Journalism and Political Science, has long been fascinated by the computer and its impact on education, communication, and society at large. He was named President and Chief Executive Officer of the Computer History Museum in 2008. He joined the museum after years of experience with global media and education, first as the president of London's Penguin Television Ltd. and before that as executive vice president of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), where he launched among other things the acclaimed and
A short bio with more about John Hollar and his museum involvement can be found here.

Below is an excerpt from a San Francisco Chronicle article about the museum:
Computer History Museum opens in Mountain View

"Silicon Valley now has a museum dedicated to the human penchant for making objects to augment our already remarkable brains, in a continuum from the dawn of the abacus to the continuing evolution of the Internet. "If you love baseball, you have Cooperstown; if you love art, you have the Louvre," said John Hollar, president of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. "Now if you love computing, you have a place to go," said Hollar, who presided over the museum's permanent opening Thursday with an exhibition titled "Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing." With more than 1,100 objects, video displays and other interactive offerings, spread over 25,000 square feet of exhibition space, Hollar said a quick browser could get the gist of the show in 45 minutes while the aficionado could spend hours poring over the exhibits..."
Read the full article on here

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