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Social Media Expert Gives Praise to CCPA Professor and Students in Blog

Students chat with social media expert on social media's relevance in corporate communications

The following is an excerpt from JR Atkins’ blog, "What college degree relates to Social Media & Why we need Social Media" posted on September 10, 2010. Read the complete blog entry.

As a Social Media speaker and consultant I am very interested in what is going on in the college environment that relates to Social Media. What “college”, in a University setting, is teaching the concepts for a Social Media Professional of the future? Is it a business course teaching marketing or customer service? Might you find this material in the college of Liberal Arts such as graphic design or new media?

During a recent visit to Southern Methodist University I found a most engaging and eager group of students studying Social Media in the Meadows School of Liberal Arts, Corporate Communication and Public Affairs (CCPA) program. Professor Nina Flournoy, Senior Lecturer in the program, invited me to share some real world experience with her class. We barely scratched the surface of “The Big 5 of Social Media” before we were out of time.

Would you like to know their most pressing question? It’s one I face every day as I visit with company leaders about how to use Social Media. Each student has been tasked with working with a local company or organization to implement social media tools. It seems that many of the targeted organizations are asking “Why do I need to do this?” This leaves me and my student colleagues scratching our heads and thinking to ourselves “why wouldn’t you use Social Media? Don’t you get it?”

Read the complete blog entry.

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