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Associate Professor of Art Noah Simblist and Music Alum Jenn Gooch in One-Night Art Event on Mar. 5

"Three Propositions and a Musical Scenario" to Be Held in Ft. Worth

Three Propositions and a Musical Scenario
Friday, March 5, 2010 from 8 pm -10 pm

Three Propositions and a Musical Scenario is a one-night exhibition organized by Noah Simblist and Subtext Projects at 2525 Weisenberger Street, Fort Worth, Texas, 76107.

Initially conceived as an after-party for the Liam Gillick exhibition opening that same night at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, this event riffs on Gillick’s ideas about art as social practice. Rather than an exhibition of discrete art objects that are for sale, this event emphasizes the ephemeral and performative aspects of contemporary art.

Three Propositions and a Musical Scenario will be located at an artist studio complex. Three small storefront spaces will showcase one-person, site-specific installations by Justin Boyd, Brad Tucker and M. that will include video, sound, drawing and sculpture. In addition to this, a pavilion in the parking lot will serve as a stage for performances by Jenn Gooch and Richie Budd. All of these artists share a history of engaging in both art and performance.

In the storefronts:

Justin Boyd, who has performed turntable improvisations about the Mississippi River, will bring field recordings from the safe, stable setting of his home in San Antonio to this cold, industrial, transient space in Fort Worth. Brad Tucker, who has performed songs based on lyrics by the conceptual artist Allen Ruppersberg, with a band of video images of himself, will include a video performance that exploits the correspondence of the two-hour duration of this event and a VHS tape. While M., a member of Denton's notorious Good/Bad Art Collective and a member of the critically acclaimed art-electronica band Mission Giant, will create wall drawings in one of the storefront spaces; he will also perform backup for Richie Budd.

In the pavilion:

Jenn Gooch, an artist whose work often deals with our attempts and inabilities to connect with others, will play a 1927 tenor banjo named Vernon. Richie Budd, whose recent installation at Artpace entitled Absorbing Liminal Homeostasis overwhelmed viewers with sensory experience, will be deconstructing the aforementioned piece to produce an electronic music performance entitled Personal Victories featuring Richie Budd.

And remember to dress warmly and bring cash, as Ft. Worth’s own Tacos La Piedad will be on site!

For more information contact:

Noah Simblist:
Alison Hearst:
Erin Starr White:
Or visit


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