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Kathy Windrow

Adjunct Faculty

Kathy Windrow earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting and a master's degree in art history from SMU, with a focus on Mesoamerican art. In addition to teaching studio art, art history, and cultural studies at Eastfield College, she teaches drawing to grad students in Theatre Design at SMU and has taught Mesoamerican and other non-western art history courses at SMU, UT Arlington and UT Tyler. Kathy is the director of the SMU-in-Oaxaca program and the SMU-in-Italy program. She serves as staff on two excavations in Italy: Greg Warden’s Etruscan site in Tuscany and a University of Texas project studying the Roman Villa of Poppea at Oplontis. Kathy was a McDermott Curatorial Intern and a curatorial research assistant in pre-Columbian art at the Dallas Museum of Art. She has traveled and engaged in research projects, some funded by grants, in Oaxaca and other parts of southern Mexico since 1986, and in Peru, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize. Additional study has been conducted in Cambodia, Thailand, China and Japan. Kathy Windrow is a practicing artist whose work often explores themes in pre-Columbian religion, Mexican folk art, and Los Días de los Muertos. This work has been shown widely in galleries and museums in Texas and other parts of the U.S., and in a solo exhibition in Lima, Peru, in 1995. Kathy lectures widely on Mexican folk art, Días de los Muertos, and the pre-Columbian cultures of Mesoamerica and the Andes. She has been nominated for Piper Professor three times and received the EFC Excellence in Teaching Award in 2005, as well as NISOD awards in 2004 and 2005.


M.F.A. in Painting and M.A. in Art History from SMU


Material culture research in Latin America and Asia

Professional Experience

Professor, Department of Art, Eastfield College, 1992-present; EFC Art Department Chair, 1992-2009 Director, Southern Methodist University’s SMU-in-Oaxaca Program, 2006-present Illustration Assistant, The Oplontis Project, 2006-present Director, Southern Methodist University's SMU-in-Italy Program, 2004-present Adjunct, Drawing for Theatre Designers, SMU, Graduate Program, 2000-present Adjunct, Mesoamerican Art History, UT Arlington, Spring 1999 Adjunct, Survey of Nonwestern Art Traditions, SMU, 1997 Information Technologist, Senior Staff, SMU Etruscan Excavations at Poggio Colla, 1995-present Adjunct, UT Tyler, Survey of Native American, African, and Oceanic Art, Summer 1991


Drawing for Theatre Designers, Drawing, Cultural Formations and Art History: Oaxaca - A sense of Place


Regional and national exhibition record


3 nominations for Piper Professor at Eastfield College; DCCCD Excellence in Teaching Award in 2005; Haakon Grant for research in Oaxaca in 1990; McDermott Curatorial Intern and Curatorial Research Assistant in Pre-Columbian Art at the Dallas Museum of Art in 1992.


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