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Minor in Music

The minor is designed to meet one of the following objectives:
  1. A course of study in music with sufficient breadth and depth to satisfy the artistic aspiration of students from any major who have some background and experience in music, or
  2. An alternative to the rigorous course of study required for the major in music for those students who do not aspire to a musical career.

Acceptance criteria for the minor include a successful audition and a theory/aural skill assessment prior to enrollment in private lessons or the theory sequence. The ability to read music is required. Musicianship (MUTH 1129, 1130) must be taken concurrently with the corresponding offering of written music theory (MUTH 1229, 1230). In any given term, private study will be approved only if the student is enrolled for at least one other course (not including MUAS 1010) required for the minor. Approval is required for study beyond four credits. Ensemble participation is encouraged.

An audition is required to minor in music. View additional Information on undergraduate admissions and auditions.

Required Undergraduate Audition Repertoire

See List of Music Courses & their Description

Requirements for the Minor 19 Credit Hours
Music Theory
  • MUTH 1129 Musicianship I
  • MUTH 1229 Music Theory I
  • MUTH 1130 Musicianship II
  • MUTH 1230 Music Theory II
Music History and Literature
  • MUHI 1302 Introduction to Music in World Societies
  • MUHI 3301 Survey of Music History I
  • MUHI 3302 Survey of Music History II
Private Study (private lessons in instrument, voice or composition; typically 1 credit hour per term) 4
Recital Attendance
  • MUAS 1010 Recital Attendance (attendance for four terms) - (see the Division of Music Handbook for course requirements)
Total Credit Hours 19

The Minor in Music is offered through the Division of Music.

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