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B.A. in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music combines conservatory-level music experiences with a strong liberal arts education to prepare students for success in the 21st century. Twenty-seven percent of this degree program is elective credits, facilitating completion of double and triple majors or a broad array of minors within four years of study. B.A. students may complete Pre-Med, Pre-Law, Engineering, Business, Computer Science or other programs in conjunction with a well-rounded music degree.

Students intending to major in the Music must perform an audition on their principal instrument (includes Voice) as outlined in the Required Undergraduate Audition Repertoire section of this website, and complete a theory and aural skills examination.

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Degree Program

The following is the current course of study for the degree. Current students should refer to the SMU Catalog (maintained by the Registrar's Office) listings under their year of matriculation to find their authoritative degree plan.

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Requirements for the Degree Credit Hours
UC/GEC Requirements varies

Music Arts and Skills

  • MUAS 1020 Music Pathways: Exploring Meadows and Your Future (one enrollment fall term of first year)

Music Arts and Skills

  • MUAS 1010 Recital Attendance (each term of residence except fall of first year)

Composition and Theory

  • MUTH 1129 Musicianship I
  • MUTH 1130 Musicianship II
  • MUTH 1229 Music Theory I
  • MUTH 1230 Music Theory II
  • MUTH 2129 Musicianship III
  • MUTH 2130 Musicianship IV
  • MUTH 2229 Music Theory III
  • MUTH 2230 Music Theory IV

Music History and Literature

  • MUHI 1202 Introduction to Music in World Societies
  • MUHI 3301 Survey of Music History I
  • MUHI 3302 Survey of Music History II

Composition and Theory or Music History

  • MUTH Elective (3000 level or above)
  • or
  • MUHI Elective (4000 level)

Class Instruction for Performance (PERB Class Piano)


Private Studies 3200 or 3100 (eight credits required/14 credits maximum) (or composition in combination with private studies)


PERE Ensemble (minimum four terms)


Music Electives (may include senior project)*


Meadows Elective/Corequirement


Community Experience

  • MSA 1001
  • or
  • MSA 1101

Free Electives (hours vary as needed to meet University residency and degree requirements


*Of the 11 music elective credits, a minimum of three credits must be music classes from the 3000 level or higher, selected from the following areas: MPED, MPSY, MUED, MUHI, MUPD, MUTH, MUTY. Multiple one- or two-credit electives may be taken in place of a three-credit elective.

The B.A. degree is intended to serve students seeking to combine a music degree with interests in one or more of the following: a broad liberal arts education, the possibility of exploring the interdisciplinary relationship of music coursework to coursework in other areas of the Meadows School and the University as a whole, a dual degree, a minor, preparation for medical school or law school, preparation for graduate study in music, participation in the SMU Honors Program, or a term or summer of study abroad.

Areas of Study



Art History

Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship

Corporate Communication and Public Affairs

Creative Computation


Film and Media Arts



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Undergraduate Studies


B.A. in Music

B.M. in Performance

B.M. in Composition

B.M. in Music Therapy

B.M. in Music Education (Teacher Certification)

Dual Degree in Performance and Music Education

Minor in Music

Music Minor in Songwriting

Minor In Musical Theatre

Minor in the History of Visual and Performing Arts

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