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Minor in the History of Visual and Performing Arts

For more information about the History of the Visual and Performing Arts minor, contact:
Program Director, Senior Lecturer, Music Theory, Professor Melissa Murray 214.768.3525

The minor in the history of the visual and performing arts provides students with a broad multidisciplinary engagement with the arts in their historical contexts. Students must take six courses (18 hours) from the following list, with at least one course from each group and no more than two courses from any single group.

Art, art history, dance, film and media arts, music, and theatre majors may apply credits from the history sequence requirements of their respective majors toward this minor but must take at least 12 hours outside their discipline.

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Requirements for the Minor 18 Credit Hours
History of Art (one or two from the following)
  • ARHS 1303 Introduction to Western Art I: Prehistoric Through Medieval
  • ARHS 1304 Introduction to Western Art II: Renaissance Through Modern
  • ARHS 1307 Introduction to Art History
  • ARHS 1336 Rhetorics of Art, Space, and Culture: Ways of Knowing
  • Any art history course at the 3000 level or above
At least 3; no more than 6
Music (one or two from the following)
  • MUHI 1321 The Art of Listening
  • MUHI 3301, 3302 Survey of Music History I and II
  • MUHI 4350 Music in World Cultures
  • MUHI 1302 Intro to Music in History and Culture
  • MUHI 4353 Studies in Popular Music
  • MUH 4357 Music and Emotion
  • MUH 4358 Film Music
At least 3; no more than 6
Dance and Theatre (one or two from the following)
  • DANC 3374 Movement as Social Text (offered periodically)
  • THEA 3381, 3382 Theatre and Drama History I, II
At least 3; no more than 6
Film History (one or two from the following)
  • FILM 2351 International Film History
  • FILM 3352 American Film
  • FILM 3353 American Broadcast History
  • WL 3309 French Cinema Since 1945
  • WL 3330 North Africa Cinema
  • WL 3355 Identity in African Cinema
At least 3; no more than 6
Total hours 18

Classes are taught by faculty from Art History; Dance; Music; Theatre; and Film & Media Arts.

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