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M.M. in Music Education

SMU offers two options for candidates pursuing the Master of Music in Music Education:

  1. candidates who already hold teaching certification
  2. candidates with a degree in music who are seeking teacher certification

The Master of Music in Music Education may be earned on a part-time basis, typically in three years, or on a full-time basis, typically in four terms (2 years). Courses are offered in the evenings and summers to accommodate inservice teachers, thereby enabling teachers to continue in their jobs while pursuing the degree. Full-time students may take daytime and evening classes.

Overview of Required Coursework: Credit Hours
MUED 6352 History and Philosophy of Music Education 3
MUED 6340 Research Methods and Materials in Music Education 3
MUTH 6300, 6326, 6330, 6360 (select one) 3
MUHI (6300 level) chosen with adviser's approval 3
MUAS 6010 Recital Attendance* (four terms, for full-time students only) 0
Performance studies** (may include conducting, private performance and/or pedagogy courses) (not required for part-time students) 3 - 6
Ensemble*** (two terms) (exceptions may be considered) (not required for part-time students) 0
  1. Must be pertinent to the candidate's career specialization
  2. Are selected in consultation with the adviser.
  3. Will include at least six hours of additional coursework in MUED classes.
  4. Other elective options include, but are not limited to, MPSY, MUCO, EDU courses, performance studies, or ensemble, as well as summer SMU Music Educators Workshops.
Total Hours: 30 30

*Full-time music education graduate students must take MUAS 6010 during fall and spring terms (maximum of four terms). Part-time students are not required to enroll in MUAS 6010.

** Part-time music education graduate students are not required to take performance studies.

***Part-time music education graduate students are not required to perform in an ensemble.

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