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M.M. in Conducting - Choral

The Master of Music in Choral Conducting prepares students to pursue careers in high school teaching, church music, professional conducting or to undertake further studies at the doctoral level, positioning them to become college professors. The program develops knowledge and skills in historical context, performing practice, interpretive issues, performance techniques, kinetic control, non-verbal communication, vocal techniques, rehearsal techniques, aural skills, organizational techniques and marketing. The degree is completed in four semesters of study with a minimum of 30 credits required for graduation. Download a sample Course of Study plan (PDF).

Students applying to the M.M. in Choral Conducting program at SMU Meadows School of the Arts must submit video of their conducting and interview with the conductor in their area of intended study. Finalists will be invited to campus for a conducting audition with our ensembles.

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  Credit Hours
MUHI 6335 Introduction to Graduate Studies 3
MUAS 6010 Recital Attendance (four terms) 
MUTH 6300, 6326, 6330, 6360 (select one) 3
MUHI 6384 Survey of Choral Literature 3
PERE 6013 Choral Ensemble (four terms) 0
MUCO 6307 Choral Conducting I 3
MUCO 6209 Choral Conducting II 2
MUCO 6210 Seminar: Major Choral Works 2
MUCO 6211 Instrumental Techniques for Choral Conductors 2
MUCO 6289 Conducting Practicum 2
MUCO 6252 Vocal and Choral Techniques 2
Electives: chosen with adviser's approval 8
Total Hours 30

Additional Degree Requirement 

At least three credit hours of the required coursework in MUHI and/or MUTH must be from 6000-level courses that are not double-listed.

A Piano Proficiency and Score Reading Competency Exam must be passed by the end of the student’s third term. These skills and competencies may be developed through individual preparation or review courses (PERB 5107, 5108 Keyboard Skills for Choral Conductors). The review courses are remedial and do not count toward the degree nor are they funded by scholarship.

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