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Film portfolio questions?

If you have questions about the film portfolio submission, please contact:

Portfolio Deadlines

(note: portfolios are ONLY required for students interested in the B.F.A.)
  • First-year Early Action & Early Decision I: November 15
  • First-year Regular Decision & Early Decision II: February 1
  • Transfers for Spring 2016: November 15
  • Transfers for Fall 2016: April 1
  • Current SMU Students for Spring 2016: November 15
Submit your portfolio online

To be provisionally accepted to the B.F.A. in Film and Media Arts prior to matriculation at SMU, a student must submit a portfolio of film/video work, which will be reviewed by a faculty committee to determine acceptance into the B.F.A. program. Note that admission into the B.F.A. is selective and not all applicants may be accepted.

This portfolio can consist of a variety of media, and should showcase your best work. The portfolio must include at least one film/video sample in which you were a primary creative voice (such as writer or director), and no more than five works. Media can include short scripts, visual projects such as short films/videos or photography, film stills, or samples of editing, audio animation, or motion graphics in which you contributed the bulk of the creative work. Portfolios should be submitted through our online portal, but we suggest that large video files be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and linked to the submission forms in our online portal. For all works submitted, please indicate (either in the video credits or on your application) your specific role(s) on the piece.

First-year Early Action & Early Decision I: November 15
First-year Regular Decision & Early Decision II: February 1

Upon matriculation, a pre-admitted student must complete FILM 1304 (Production 1) and FILM 2354 (Screenwriting 1) with a cumulative 2.75 or better GPA in order to be fully admitted into the B.F.A. Upon acceptance into the B.F.A., students are required to pass FILM 1301 with a grade of C- or better to receive their degree. Pre-majors are guaranteed enrollment in FILM 1301, FILM 1304, and FILM 2354, and are assigned a Film and Media Arts advisor.

mportant note to those applying to SMU using Early Action/Early Decision 1 (November 1 deadline) and are pursuing degrees in Music, Dance, Theatre, Studio Art or the B.F.A. in Film & Media Arts.

If you apply to SMU by Nov. 1 but do not complete your audition/submit your portfolio until January or February, there is a strong possibility that your SMU admission decision will be deferred until your Meadows audition or portfolio results are available. This is because, as part of the holistic application review process, the SMU Office of Undergraduate Admission would like the opportunity to consider both your academic application as well as your audition/portfolio results before delivering an admission decision.

If you apply using Early Action/Early Decision I and receive a "deferred" letter, you will receive a followup decision letter after the SMU Office of Undergraduate Admission has reviewed the results of your audition or portfolio.

Testing Process

By submitting a portfolio, candidates also have the option to attempt to test out of FILM 1304: Production 1, the introductory production course required for both the B.A. and B.F.A. in Film & Media Arts. Only applicants with considerable production experience and technical expertise should apply.

Testing out of this course will entail both a written exam and a hands-on practicum to show the student’s technical competency. Students must receive a B or better on each of these exams to successfully test out of Production 1. Testing occurs on specific dates, and students who desire to test out of this course will be informed via email on how to schedule taking the exam.

For information on testing out, contact the Division of Film and Media Arts at 214-768-2129 or email

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