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4 + 1 M.A. in Popular Film and Media Studies

The 4 + 1 program permits the Meadows Film student to study toward an undergraduate degree and the M.A. degree simultaneously and with possibly fewer courses than if taken separately. Up to nine credit hours of undergraduate coursework can be applied toward fulfilling the graduate degree requirements. In such cases, students may fulfill both bachelor’s and master’s degree requirements in as few as 21 credit hours beyond the bachelor’s coursework.


For students admitted to the 4 + 1 program, up to nine credit hours of upper-division undergraduate level courses (5000 level and above) may be applied toward fulfilling the student’s graduate program requirements. The student must complete a minimum of 21 credit hours of graduate coursework at SMU beyond the undergraduate residency requirement to satisfy the graduate residency requirement. Any coursework that overlaps for credit for both B.A./B.F.A. and M.A. degrees needs to be declared for dual credit before the last day to add/drop of the term in which the course is taken and must be taken at the graduate level.

Admission Requirements

For admission to the 4 + 1 program, the student must

  1. Be enrolled in the B.A. or B.F.A. in Film and Media Arts at SMU.
  2. Have achieved junior-level status.
  3. Apply no later than one year prior to the time she or he would graduate with a B.A. or B.F.A. degree.
  4. Have an overall G.P.A. of 3.000.
  5. Be accepted into the M.A. in Popular Film and Media Studies.

Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

All undergraduate degree requirements must be satisfied, with up to nine credit hours of graduate coursework applying toward satisfaction of those requirements.

Master’s Degree Requirements

To receive a master’s degree under the 4 + 1 program, the student must

  1. Have a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.000 in the M.A. degree coursework (including the graduate coursework applied toward the satisfaction of those requirements).
  2. Satisfy all requirements for the bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The bachelor’s degree requirements must be fulfilled prior to or at the same time as the master’s degree requirements.

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