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Theoretical Studies Classes

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DANC 2370: Movement as Social Text
Investigation of ways in which movement and dance have meaning in different cultural, social and historical contexts. Examples of dance in a crosscultural context, encompassing both Western and non-Western dance forms will be included. Emphasis will be placed on the nature of movement, its unique properties, the ways in which it conveys meaning, and its relationship to culture and society. Open to all students.

DANC 4190, 4290, 4390: Directed Studies
Supervised projects and/or research in theoretical studies, inclusive of community service projects. Arranged. Prerequisite: Instructor approval. 

DANC 4363: Kinesiology for Dance
Exploration of basic anatomy and the human body in motion. Normal and deviated skeletal structures and muscular development are assessed in regard to movement efficiency, injury potential and dance aesthetics. Required.;

DANC 4370: Dance Criticism and Aesthetics
A practical introduction to writing about dance performance. Works of master critics are examined to gain a historical perspective and to become familiar with a variety of methodologies in analyzing dance texts. Emphasis placed on observation and writing skills. Prerequisite: DANC 2371 or 2372 and instructor approval. 

DANC 4373: Dance History I: Ballet
The development of ballet as a Western theatre art, from its roots in the French court to contemporary ballet in Europe and America. Emphasis will be placed on choreographic schools and styles as well as the consideration of the ballet aesthetic in a broader cultural context. Required.

DANC 4374: Dance History II: Modernism
The development of modernism in dance from the turn of the century to the present. Emphasis will be placed on the evolution of choreographic schools and styles as well as the relationship of dance to the arts and humanities and to the culture in which dance is created. Required. Prerequisite: DANC 4373 or instructor approval.

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