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DANC 3341: Dance Composition I
Introduction to the fundamental elements of dance composition, including Laban based movement vocabulary, dynamics, motivation, gesture, spatial concepts, elementary phrasing, abstraction and motif writing. Students participate in solo and small group studies with an emphasis on improvisation. Course includes visit to the Dallas Museum of Art. Required for the B.F.A. in dance performance. Prerequisite: DANC 1242.

DANC 2242: Dance Composition II
Generation of solo movement through improvisation, recognizing spontaneous structures, and working with stage space, groups and inspiration from other media, including music. Required. Prerequisites: DANC 2241 and 2361 or instructor approval.

DANC 3243: Dance Composition III
Exploration of elements of choreographic form with emphasis on sequencing, balance, phrasing, transition, choreographic device and compositional structure. Introduction to Life Forms(TM) computer software for choreography. Utilization of videotape for self-analysis and critique. Opportunity for visits to the Meadows Museum for the study of form. Required. Prerequisite: DANC 2242.

DANC 3244: Dance Composition IV
Synthesis, application and elaboration of previously introduced choreographic principles and concepts. Exploration of ethical issues and social responsibilities of the choreographer. Emphasis placed on collaborative, multidisciplinary, and community service projects. Areas for collaboration may include music, visual arts, video, spoken and written text, elements of design, and emergent technology. Required. Prerequisite: DANC 3243.

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