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Ben Voth

Umphrey Lee, Room 229
Ben Voth

Ben Voth

Director of Debate, Advisor to the Bush Institute and Associate Professor

Dr. Ben Voth teaches and coaches students in order to equip them to have a voice in society. Voth works with a variety of individuals such as Holocaust survivors, national speech champions, top speakers in debate, community advocates, and government leaders to ensure that the human value of being heard is instilled. His research in rhetoric and argumentation studies helps clarify how persuasion can work to improve society, whether discerning the symbolic processes driving genocide around the globe or understanding how comedy relieves our sense of anxiety about politics. Voth has coached top national debate programs such as the University of Kansas, Baylor University and Miami University. Voth is a public speaking consultant for the City of Plano as well as the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. He is author of The Rhetoric of Genocide: Death as a Text, a book from Rowman & Littlefield's academic press on political communication.


Ph.D. in Communication Studies, University of Kansas, 1994
M.A. in Speech Communication, Baylor University, 1990
B.A. in Communication and Journalism, Baylor University, 1989


Technology and communication, the rhetoric of genocide, humor and politics


Public Deliberation and Rational Discourse [Debate]; Communication in Global Contexts; Communication Theory


Author of The Rhetoric of Genocide: Death as a Text, a communication-based guide to the tenacious global problem of genocide. Numerous book chapters in academic books on political communication and research articles in top journals in argumentation and rhetoric such as Argumentation and Advocacy, Contemporary Argumentation and Debate, and the Southern Communication Journal.


Coached more than a dozen national champions in collegiate speech events. Qualified more than a dozen teams to the National Debate Tournament. Coached teams to the elimination rounds of the National Debate tournament four times including a 3rd place finish overall. Hired as a consultant by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in 2006 and again in 2007.


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