Art History


Students work closely with faculty as they learn about the relationship of art to fields such as anthropology, sociology, music, dance, literature, science and engineering.


Meadows art history professors closely mentor their students, offering help and guidance with classes, internships, jobs and grad programs.


The art history department offers curriculum in Hispanic art from both sides of the Atlantic. Pictured: The Meadows Museum, holding one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of Spanish art in the world.


Faculty members are recognized nationally and internationally as expert researchers, speakers and authors. Connections in the U.S., Mexico, South America and Europe help foster networking and internships for students.

Directed Topics in Art History Classes

Please note that not all courses are offered every semester. This listing is not considered authoritative. Please visit Access.SMU for authoritative course offerings including meeting times, professor, and more.

ARHS 5011, 5012: Museum Internship

ARHS 5303: History and Methods of the History of Art
Introduction to the history of the discipline with discussion of major methodological approaches as they have shaped past scholarship and the present sense of crisis in the discipline. Exercise in methods of research and its presentation in good form.

ARHS 6101, 6201, 6301: Master’s Thesis

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